Heartblaze by Shay Roberts


Publisher: Snowfire Press

Publication Date: 30 November 2015

In your past life you were a legendary figure in a passionate relationship with a vampire. Now your enemies from that past have found you, determined to make you pay a terrible price for a life you lived more than 200 years ago!

EMMA RUE is an eager college freshman. For reasons she cannot understand, she attacks her professor in front of her stunned classmates. Desperate for answers, Emma goes to a psychiatrist who uses hypnotic regression to explore her troubled childhood. But when the regression goes too far, back into her past life, a remarkable revelation emerges that shatters Emma’s world. Suddenly on the run from powerful forces, Emma seeks out a shadowy figure from her past life…

JULIAN ST. FLEUR, the 18th-century vampire who transformed Emma’s soul. The beautiful and enigmatic Julian holds the key to Emma’s past, but will he help her? Two hundred years of loneliness have twisted him into a wicked creature and his reunion with Emma is unlike anything she had ever imagined. As Julian draws Emma into his heinous world, her only salvation may be…

STEFAN HILDEBRAND, a werewolf with legendary combat skills who is posing as a fellow student. Stefan’s feelings for Emma are real, but his powerful masters have ordered him to kill her! As the mystery of Emma’s past unravels, Stefan must make a choice, sacrifice Emma or listen to his heart.

Who do you trust, Julian or Stefan? Or do you go your own way?

How will you survive in a paranormal world unlike anything you have ever imagined?”


Firstly I’d like to thank the publisher for approving my NetGalley request for this eBook. I’m a big fan of vampire-type books so as soon as I read the description of this, I just had to know more!

The pace was quick right from the start but for some reason I struggled to fall into the storyline. Some of the early scenes were difficult to make sense of but as I continued reading I began to understand. Perhaps if I re-read from the beginning I’d now be able to connect more easily.

Heartblaze was like a paranormal cocktail with vampires, werewolves, werebears, ghosts and witches all milling around, doing their thing. They weren’t the fluffy kind of paranormal either, they were rather scary and dangerous – definitely not someone you’d like to meet in a dark alley.

The whole storyline had an eerie feel to it which, I think, was enhanced by the combination of time zones – reading about Emma’s previous life made the situation in her newest life seem even more deadly!

By the time I got to the end I had all sorts of questions swirling around in my mind and I found myself coming up with my own theories as to what will happen next.

This was a dark and busy read that gave a paranormal spin on the idea of ‘soulmates’.


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The Temporal Stone – Suzy Turner

The temporal stone

“It’s been a couple of months since Emma and Lana entered the Praxos Academy and life has been hectic ever since. What with regular A level classes combined with learning all about the supernatural world, control classes, self defence and fight night, the girls are constantly busy.

But when their world seems to stop right in front of them, they and their fellow Watchers, have a huge mystery to solve. A mystery which will lead them on a long road trip across south west England where they will meet all kinds of strange creatures, some intent on causing harm and others desperate to put a stop to the problem.”

Firstly I’d like to thank the author for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review.  I was excited to catch up with Emma and Lana in their new lives as Watchers so I couldn’t wait to get started.

It was action-packed right from the start, an academy trip to Somerset turned supernatural very quickly and I was captivated by the events that followed.  The whole storyline was so imaginative and I really enjoyed picturing everything like a movie in my mind.  Something else that was particularly enjoyable for me were all the familiar places that the characters visited – Salisbury, Winchester and the New Forest to name just a few.

I loved all the supernatural creatures that featured in this book, my favourite was Jimble the pixie troll because he was just so adorable! The author successfully brought the characters to life for me and made me care about what happened to them.  Following them all as they uncovered clues to help solve the mystery was lots of fun and I look forward to the next instalment.

This was another exciting adventure in The Morgan Sisters series.

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Daisy Madigan’s Paradise – Suzy Turner

Daisy madigans paradise

“When tragedy falls upon 15 year old Daisy Madigan, she escapes to the only place she feels safe, the cemetery of Abney Park. There, in the company of the dearly departed, she realizes she is changing, growing stronger and faster by the day. But in the darkness lurks a terror even she can’t imagine facing.”

Firstly I’d like to thank the author for sending me this eBook novella to read and give an honest review. This quick read covered the back story of Daisy Madigan who was one of the characters from The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw.  I was pleased to find out more about her as she had been a bit of a mystery and as I read about the traumatic events that led up to her appearance in the first book I felt incredibly sad for her.

I was intrigued by Jack, I couldn’t figure out where he fit into the story and was concerned that he would turn out to be a bad person for Daisy to have in her life.

Daisy discovered her abilities and found her purpose in life in the dark, dangerous cemetery.  This was something that fascinated me and gave the book an eerie atmosphere.  I can’t wait to see the part Daisy will play in the next book The Temporal Stone.

This was an emotional and intriguing read, another piece of the puzzle in place for this mysterious series.

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Vampire Diaries The Salvation: Unseen – L.J. Smith

Vampire diaries unseen

“They will never be safe…

Now that the lethal properties of Elena’s blood have been discovered, Stefan has been risking it all to destroy the almighty Old Ones.

But when Elena is almost killed in a car accident – one that was very clearly not an accident at all – she realises that the most deadly Old One is determined to take her down. 

And he just might be powerful enough to do it…”

Firstly I’d like to thank Hachette for sending me this book to read and give an honest review.  I have read and enjoyed all of the previous Vampire Diaries books (even when the ghostwriters took over) so I couldn’t wait to get started on this one.

This is a great series and I love everything about it – the vampires, the danger, the romance/love triangle etc.  In the last book I discovered that Elena was a Guardian and she also became connected/linked to Damon (thanks to the other Guardians), he then left because Elena chose Stefan!  But that isn’t the end of it…

This book picks up the story four years later and began with an email from Elena to Damon – she was warning him of an unknown danger that she felt was coming his way.  It was clear from the email that she missed him even though she was able to feel his emotions because of their newfound connection.  This connection between them was one of my favourite parts of the book because I loved seeing how each of them reacted to the others emotions.

A near fatal car accident involving Elena introduced Jack to the story and he intrigued me immensely, I came up with all sorts of ideas as to who he might be but it turned out that none of them were correct and the truth was even more exciting!

The characters have all grown so much throughout the series and they continued to do so in this book, I particularly enjoyed Bonnie’s witchy trip where she learned more about magic and how to use it.  There were all the usual elements of the story that I love so much (danger, fighting scenes, old vampires) with some added extras (strange new vampires, a couple of very unexpected deaths and a shocking twist at the end that I hadn’t seen coming).  I just couldn’t put the book down and ended up reading it in one day, I’m really looking forward to the next instalment!

This was another great read from this series, I was enclosed in a little Vampire Diaries bubble from start to finish.

Vampire Diaries The Salvation: Unseen was published by Hodder Children’s Books on 2 May 2013 and can be purchased from The Book DepositoryAmazon or from most good book retailers.

Hot Blooded – Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié

Hot blooded

“What do you run from?

Katelyn had only been in Wolf Springs a short time before she was bitten by a werewolf.  And now she carries that creature’s curse in her veins.

But she’s not alone.  Wolf Springs is home to a hidden family of werewolves, the Fenners – who swear none of them bit her.  Apparently there’s a monster on the loose – something wild and uncontrollable.

And to make matters worse, Katelyn’s struggling to resist her own animal urges.  Especially around Trick and Justin.  Should she follow her heart – or her instincts?”

I had been waiting a whole year for this book after reading Unleashed (review here) last Christmas.  It ended on a huge cliffhanger so I couldn’t wait to find out what was next for Katelyn.

The story began with Katelyn having a nightmare (her nightmares were a recurring theme throughout the book) and this confused me a little as I couldn’t figure out the meaning of it.  Then came some brief reminders of what had happened previously, it was at this point that everything came rushing back to me and I was swiftly transported back to Wolf Springs.

Katelyn was adjusting to her new life as a werewolf and all the changes that went with it, she was confused by her feelings for Trick and Justin and I have to admit that I really loved this side of the story. It was a classic love triangle – Katelyn and Trick seemed natural around each other and he had the whole cheeky boy-next-door thing going on, but Katelyn and Justin were electric together and the sparks between them practically jumped out of the page at me.  This was very exciting to read and I found myself switching opinions on who she should choose throughout the entire book!

Another thing I really liked was that I could never predict what was coming next – it kept me on my toes throughout and I felt like I was constantly searching for clues to find answers to the many questions I had in my mind.  The darkness and danger from the first book continued into this one with the murder count rising and no-one actually knowing who, or what, was responsible.

There was much more about the history of the werewolves in this story and I found this particularly interesting as I attempted to fit the mysterious pieces of the puzzle together.

The storyline was intense and exciting, the intensity built throughout until it reached the final showdown and this resulted in yet another cliffhanger ending.  I just didn’t want it to end and I’m so sad that I have to wait until next year to find out what happens.

This was a fantastic book which I ended up reading in just one day because it was utterly unputdownable and addictive.

Hot Blooded can be purchased from The Book DepositoryAmazon or from most good book retailers.

To find out more about the authors, visit their websites: Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié.

The Pack – Jason Starr

“When Simon Burns is fired from his job without warning, he takes on the role of stay-at-home dad for his three-year-old son. But his reluctance pushes his already strained marriage to the limit. In the nestled playgrounds of the Upper West Side, Simon harbors a simmering rage at his boss’s betrayal.

 Things take a turn when he meets a tight-knit trio of dads at the playground. They are different from other men Simon has met, stronger and more confident, more at ease with the darker side of life – and soon Simon is lured into their mix. But after a guys’ night out gets frighteningly out of hand, Simon feels himself sliding into a new nightmarish reality.

 As he experiences disturbing changes in his body and his perceptions, he starts to suspect that when the guys welcomed him to their “pack”, they were talking about much more than male bonding . . .”

I was lucky enough to win this book from a giveaway on Feeling Fictional.

I really like the cover, it has a dark and dangerous feel to it.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the book itself and whilst reading I had mixed feelings about it – there were some parts that I enjoyed very much but others that just didn’t hold my interest enough.

When Simon lost his job and began looking after his son Jeremy it set off a chain of events that changed his life forever.  I enjoyed reading about his first day as a stay-at-home dad, particularly the incident at the pizza place which made me laugh out loud as I pictured the scene and as a stay-at-home mum myself I could definitely understand how he felt at that point.

Meeting the other dads (Michael, Ramon and Charlie) at the park was another turning point and after his night out with them things got really intense and confusing for him.  Simon went through many physical and emotional changes, it felt like I was always on the verge of finding out what happened during their night out and I was relieved when all was finally revealed.

Michael was an interesting yet scary character, he was a straight-talker who oozed confidence and you could tell that he liked to be in charge.  When he met Olivia I couldn’t figure out where she fit into the story but as I progressed through the book it all became clear.

It was towards the end that I really had a problem with this book, I got distracted very easily and it just didn’t hold my attention the way other books can, truthfully I got a bit bored.  The last couple of chapters were full of action and managed to keep me interested but the damage had already been done for me and I’m just not sure if I feel the need to read the next book in the series, which is called The Craving.

This is a dark and dangerous story, it may not have captured me completely but I’m sure for many it would.

The Pack can be purchased from The Book DepositoryAmazon or from most good book retailers.

To find out more about Jason Starr visit his website here.

Dark Heart Surrender – Lee Monroe

“One girl.  Two worlds. Shattered.

Jane’s world has changed now that Luca inhabits it, and she’s happier than she ever thought she could be.  But can an immortal in the human world survive on love alone?

When Jane and Luca are befriended by intriguing siblings, Ade and Polly, they are swept into a destructive chain of events that will test everything.”

I had read the first two books in this series (Dark Heart Forever and Dark Heart Rising) and thought they were fab so I was looking forward to reading this one.  Part of the reason I love this series is because they are not just based on one supernatural creature but lots of them – werewolves, vampires, witches, angels and shapeshifters.

I definitely enjoyed this book as much as the previous two, it was written in such a way that I just couldn’t stop reading.  Every page kept me interested and left me wanting more so I ended up reading it in one day.

This story followed on from book two where Luca had gone back to the human world to live with Jane and this book sees them trying to adapt to their new life but somehow they end up facing yet another danger that threatens to tear them apart.  It seems that trouble follows them wherever they go and I get the feeling that they may never be able to have a normal life together which is a shame because I really want things to work out for them.

I found this book to be exciting and intriguing, there were so many questions raised like who was the mystery girl who lost her necklace, and who or what the mysterious Polly and Ade might be.

The only negative thing I would say about this book is that I found Jane’s reaction to something Luca did quite unbelievable.  I don’t want to give away what he actually did so I won’t say too much but I felt that she would have questioned him more about it – I found myself waiting for the moment that she would ask him more about what had happened, but that moment never came and this just didn’t ring true for me because Jane seemed like the kind of girl who would want to know all the details.

This exciting and dark story had me engrossed from start to finish and I’m hoping for more from this series.

Dark Heart Surrender can be purchased here or from most good book retailers.