Guest Post by Gabrielle Mullarkey | A Tale of Two Sisters

I’m delighted to welcome Gabrielle Mullarkey to Me, My Books and I today with a fab guest post.


Gabrielle MullarkeyGabrielle Mullarkey is a freelance journalist and author. She has written over 1,000 short stories for women’s magazines, ranging from Woman’s Own to that’s life! (Australia and UK), alongside writing opinion pieces for magazines. Since gaining her MSc in creative writing for therapeutic purposes in 2014, she works with writing groups for mental health charity Mind, and writes with and for patients at local hospices. For more on Gabrielle, visit

Praise for Gabrielle Mullarkey:

“Readers love Gabrielle’s fiction for its range – whether atmospheric mood pieces or contemporary slices of life, all revolve around imaginatively twisty plots packed with sassy dialogue, characters you feel you know and ‘I didn’t see that coming!’ moments.” best



Recently, someone asked me along to a pre-lunch writing workshop and launched into elaborate details about where I could park at the venue.

‘That’s OK,’ I said, ‘I’ll take the bus.’

I could tell by their surprise that they didn’t think this was very ‘writerly,’ prompting me to launch into a long, elaborate explanation about how I don’t have access to the car during the day, and so and so forth…

Which got me thinking about the writer in transit.

A big part of me thinks it would be quite ‘writerly’ to zip about in a natty runaround while composing sonnets at traffic lights.

But then, where would I jot down my inspired musings?

A bus or train trip isn’t about woolgathering for me. It’s about what Sigmund Freud called ‘paying attention to absentmindedness’. One minute you’re staring into space while someone else is responsible for watching the lights change, and the next minute, that space contains tiny tadpoles of ideas.

There’s something very restful about letting your mind and gaze wander, filing away images without even realising it – a person on a park bench, a woman pushing a bike uphill, a man crossing the road carrying a tuba…

There are pitfalls, of course. A friend of mine left a notebook of irreplaceable jottings on his local bus. And I can’t see Salman Rushdie or Barbara Taylor Bradford taking the 453 to Deptford bridge and reaching their destination with a fellow passenger’s drool festooning their shoulder.

But where else but public transport would you overhear so many gems? When I heard one woman tell another in scandalised tones, ‘but it’s always shepherd’s pie on a Tuesday!’, my brain duly filed away the remark, and a few months later, I sold a story to a magazine called Shepherd’s Pie Tuesday.

Now that is a very rich dividend indeed.

I doubt I’d be able to woolgather so richly while doing a fair impression of Chevy Chase trying to negotiate a roundabout in National Lampoon’s European Vacation. I’m what you’d call a nervous driver. Last time I reversed our modestly proportioned saloon car out of the driveway, I lost a wing mirror and gained a postman’s bicycle wheel, which didn’t do a whole lot for my nerves (or the postman’s).

That said, a friend did make an interesting point to me the other day – that they couldn’t imagine anything scarier than the blank screen or page waiting for the writer’s opening words.

‘Me too,’ I admitted.

‘So why put yourself through it?’ probed the friend.

I don’t have an answer to that, beyond reckoning that you might as well ask the same of actors who suffer stage fright before every performance, but feel compelled to follow their calling anyway.

Writing is a white-knuckle ride all the way to your destination, but you feel exhilarated when you arrive in one piece.

So for now, I’ll continue to eavesdrop on the 453 or shoehorned onto a Tube train in the rush hour – squashed toes and drool on shoulder being small prices to pay.

So be careful out there – somewhere nearby, a writer is listening!

Thank you for sharing Gabrielle, I love the idea of inspiring a writer without even knowing it!

Now check out Gabrielle’s latest book:


A Tale of Two Sisters by Gabrielle Mullarkey cover

Bottom line – you don’t steal your sister’s boyfriend

Katie’s sister Flick is a mean girl. Whatever Katie has, Flick wants for herself. And she’ll take it just to prove she can. That’s why she stole Katie’s boyfriend, Steve, then dumped him two weeks later.

Now Katie is with Jack, and Flick is with Dan, so there’s no need for more sibling rivalry … but love and life between sisters is never that simple. If Katie and Dan hadn’t drunk too much that night, and if Flick didn’t make Katie so mad, maybe it would never have happened … if only Katie could remember exactly what had happened…”

A Tale of Two Sisters is a witty, heartwarming tale of romance, jealousy, the family we love, and the family we love to hate.



Sophie King Week | Guest Post

I’m delighted to be sharing a fab guest post and a range of new covers from Sophie King today. You’re in for a treat! 


sophie-headshotSophie King is the author of six novels and a short story collection about families, friends and lovers. Her first novel, The School Run, was a bestseller when first published in 2005, and it was a bestseller for the second time when republished by Corazon Books in 2012.

Sophie’s latest release is Your Place or Mine? a new digital edition of her novel The Supper Club.

In between novels, Sophie writes short stories and has had hundreds published in magazines such as Woman’s Weekly and My Weekly. She also gives regular talks/workshops at bookshops and literary festivals including Winchester and Guildford.

Sophie is delighted to support new romance writing through her annual writing competition The Sophie King Prize.

WebsiteAmazon Author Page | Twitter | Facebook



OK. I confess it. Last month, I did something terrible. I actually put another author’s book in the bin. I didn’t even give it to the charity shop round the corner which is the recipient of all our rubbish including things that shouldn’t have been in the bag in the first place (such as a mobile phone and a vibrator that didn’t even belong to me).

Forget I said that. I need to tell you about the book. Why did I bin it? Because I simply didn’t believe in the plot. I loved the beginning which set up a series of problems that really got me turning the page. How on earth, I asked myself, was the heroine going to get out of this one?

It turned out that the author might have been wondering the same thing. The final solution was … no, I can’t tell you or it might identify the book. Let’s just say that you had to believe in a very big coincidence if the plot was going to work.

Coincidences are funny things. They happen enough in real life. But when you slip them in a book, they look as though you’ve made them up. In one of my earlier novels, I wanted to include a scene based on the real story about a man who met two sisters at a party. He particularly liked one of them but he got their names muddled. So when he rang up, he asked for the wrong sister. Of course he realised his mistake on the first date but, like the gentleman he was, he said nothing.

Reader, he ended up by marrying her.

This happened to a friend of mine. Honestly. But it didn’t get into print because my then-editor thought it was too much of a coincidence. And although it hurt, I could see her point.

Recently, some new people moved in next door so of course we asked them round for a cuppa. Turned out that they used to live near where I grew up as a child. Miles away. But if you wrote about a woman whose new neighbours ‘happened’ to live where she had gone to school (and also knew about her family secret), a reader might well be sceptical. I should add here that I don’t have a family secret. I have several.

The same goes for twins. We have family friends who are like peas in a pod. They have gone out with each other’s boyfriends; taken job interviews for each other; and even tricked their parents. But twins are generally seen as a ‘cop out’ for a story. Readers, agents and editors demand a more unusual solution to mistaken identity.

As for dreams, don’t even get me started! I’ve learned to pay heed to mine. The other month I had a dream that someone in my family was about to have a really lucky break. The person in question got the job he’d been after, the very next day. But if you put it in a book, it would be a cop out …

It’s here I need to make a second confession. Yesterday, I happened to bump into a friend who knows the author of the book I binned. ‘Of course,’ she said, ‘some people thought the ending was a bit of a coincidence. But you know what? It really happened to her.’

Too late to go through the bin. But I think I ought to buy another copy to make up for my behaviour. As for the vibrator that ended up in the charity shop, I have to be honest. There are a few coincidences involved in that story too. But in the interest of those involved, I’m keeping mum …


Your Place or Mine 2016 cover imageDo You Take This Man by Sophie King 2016 coverFalling in Love Again 2016 cover Love is a Secret cover 2016 imageSecond Time Lucky 2016 coverThe School Run 2016 cover The Wedding Party by Sophie King 2016

Gorgeous aren’t they!


Guest Post by Alison Jack – Dory’s Avengers Blog Tour Including Giveaway!

Today I’m delighted to be taking part in the Fiction Addiction Book Tour for Dory’s Avengers, featuring a fantastic guest post from author Alison Jack!

But first of all, lets introduce the book…

dorys avengers
Publisher: Book Guild Publishing

A brutal regime. A docile population. A glimmer of hope.

In a stifled and oppressed United Kingdom, nothing can be achieved without the approval of the dictatorial Sponsors, at whose head is the malevolent and cruel Lord William St Benedict. In Britain’s cities the Sponsored live narrow, if privileged, lives, while the Unsponsored are confined to menial roles and to ‘less desirable’ districts. Among the Sponsors’ many victims is Lord William’s own son, the forthright and charismatic Theodore – ‘Dory’ – held captive by his father since he was a boy.

In the unassuming town of Applethwaite, in the shadow of the Cumbrian fells, an unlikely revolution is brewing. Albino gymnast Louis Trevelyan and his motley group of friends are fiercely proud of their Unsponsored status and gradually forge a plan not only to liberate the beleaguered Theodore but the whole of the United Kingdom.

‘Dory’s Avengers’ are coming…!”


Authors Rock!

A question I’m asked a lot is ‘Does it get lonely being an author?’ Knowing that my previous job had been a very sociable one, my friends were particularly concerned to begin with when I voiced my ambition to become an author, wondering how I’d cope with life holed up in a lonely garret, scribbling words that no one will ever read, warming my ink-stained hands over a spluttering candle, going slightly mad…

Stop right there! The old fashioned image of the garret-dwelling quill-scraper is far removed from the reality of the modern day author, with the possible exception of the ‘going slightly mad’ bit. For starters, we all have computers now. No more ink stained hands – and we can network. Double bonus. We authors can network with each other, and we do!

About six months prior to publication of my debut novel Dory’s Avengers, I dipped my toe into the sea of bloggers, thinking it might be a good idea to start building my own platform. More simply put, I wanted some readers for my work, and realised they weren’t simply going to appear – I needed to go and find them. Was launching a blog a good idea? Yes, without a shadow of a doubt it was.

As soon as I started blogging, support came flooding in from my fellow authors, and the wholehearted generosity of this support has blown me away. No one’s in competition; no one’s trying to steal all the readers for themselves and to Hell with the rest. Every indie or self published author and every blogger I have befriended in the past year realises how difficult it is for new writers to gain the recognition they deserve, and everyone is happy to help promote their fellow writers’ work alongside their own. We’re all book lovers; and as any self respecting book lover will tell you, there can never be too many books. Through the online community of bloggers and authors (most of us wear both hats) I have been offered amazing opportunities to promote Dory’s Avengers, this fabulous Fiction Addiction tour being a perfect example. I’ve also learned so much about the modern day writing business, made wonderful new friends – one or two of whom I’ve actually (gasp) met in person – and been introduced to some highly entertaining and informative blogs.

I’ll admit it: I was more than a little sceptical when e-readers first hit the shops, but I quickly changed my mind. The e-reader gives unknown authors an exciting new opportunity to publish and promote their work, and as a result there’s so much good reading material available to buy that I can’t keep up. For the first time in my life I have books waiting to be read. BIG gasp – that’s never happened to this voracious reader before. And just when I thought things couldn’t get any more wonderful, I find that my favourite indie authors are reading my work. They’re liking it, promoting it, reviewing it, tweeting about it… Wow!

Writing a lonely profession? Not any more it’s not.


official-author-photoAlison Jack has spent much of her adult life working in book distribution – Dory’s Avengers, however, is her first foray into the world of books as an author. She is a keen walker and has a particular love for the Lake District fells – the atmospheric setting for much of her novel.

Aside from writing her own novels and blogging, Alison spends a lot of time editing the work of other authors. When not writing, Alison enjoys reading, playing guitar – with more enthusiasm than skill – and wakeboarding. She lives near Cambridge with her partner and three cats.


Alison’s Website | Alison’s Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Amazon purchase links – UK LinkUS LinkCanada Link

Nook UK

Nook US



The giveaway on this tour is 2 x signed hardback copies of Dory’s Avengers. UK and IRE only.

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Good luck!


Guest Post by Rosie Blake – How To Get A (Love) Life Blog Tour

Today I’m delighted to welcome Rosie Blake to Me, My Books and I.  To celebrate the release of Rosie’s first full-length novel How To Get A (Love) Life we have a fantastic guest post for you!

But first of all, lets introduce the book…

How To Get A (Love) Life by Rosie Blake Cover (1)
Published by Novelicious Books in January 2014.

Some people book last-minute holidays, walk barefoot in the grass or party on a week night. Not Nicola Brown

Nicola is the kind of girl who double-locks the front door, leaves the plastic covering on new furniture, sticks to a super-strict diet and definitely, absolutely Does Not Date. 

Her colleague Caroline – loopy, warm and exasperated by her, knows that Nicola’s reluctance to lose control means she’s living only half a life. And so she lays down the gauntlet: Nicola must cast aside her hang ups and go on as many dates as it takes to find true love in time for Valentine’s Day. 

The pick of local men is, quite frankly, a bit rubbish. And there are only three months until February 14th. Surely it’s an impossible task? But, as Nicola is about to find out on her dodgy dates, letting go isn’t quite as scary as she imagined. In fact, it’s rather a lot of fun…”


On the theme of Me, My Books and I, can I explore whether anyone in my own novel is based on anyone IRL?

My debut novel How To Get A (Love) Life is out now and the story focuses on Nicola Brown – a controlling, uptight girl who needs something in her life to change. Still harbouring a hurt from years before, she needs something to break the rut she has found herself in. Cue chaotic colleague Caroline and The Bet – a search for a (love) life before Valentine’s Day. Can Nicola do it? A clairvoyant, a sea-kayaking trip in November, a rent-a-dog experience, a carpentry class – she tries any means she can to find the man for her and on her hunt she meets a whole host of useless, not-so-useless men and a little something about herself too…

A lot of people I know have asked me if Nicola Brown is based on me. The short answer is No. The long answer is that I think we can all get ourselves into a place in our lives where we can’t see our way out and sometimes we need some help; whether it’s a nudge from the right person, a bit of a break or a new perspective. So much of this novel is about Nicola’s transformation and her attempt to re-find the old her. The fun, relaxed, trusting Nicola. One edit note from Novelicious Books can sum up how I feel about her. In the margin it just said, “Aw. I want to give her a big hug”. I too felt a sisterly affection for her and hope the reader is gunning for her happy ending.

As for the other characters – are any of them based on real people? Well the pathologically-happy cleaner Basia shares my own mother’s name and is a nod at her impossibly sunny nature. She has to be one of my favourite minor characters and I adore the fact that she seems tickled by the everyday. Brother Mark is inspired by the friendly banter of my own brothers and sisters – I love that relationships and family features heavily in the book. And, of course, then there are the men. A hotch potch of bad dates, good dates and tiny moments of “ahhhhhh”. Some of those dates are based on men I went out with, but on that score, you’ll just have to keep guessing. I will give away nothing. Unless you ask me really nicely. And then I will probably spill.

I hope you enjoy the read.

Rosie x


Rosie BlakeRosie spent her university years writing pantomimes based on old classics. The 2003 production of The Wizard of Odd: Search for the Ruby Strippers enjoyed critical acclaim. This was followed a year later with a successful showing of Harry Potter: The Musical (complete with moving opening number, In my Cupboard I will Stay).

Rosie went on to write a winning short story in the La Senza/Little Black Dress Short Story Competition and was shortlisted in a few others including competitions run by Women and Home and The Daily Mail. Her first full-length novel, How to Get a (Love) Life, will be published in January 2014 by Novelicious Books.

Twitter | Facebook | Novelicious

Join in the Twitter chat by using the hashtag #HowToGetALoveLife.


A Cinderella Christmas by Holly Kingston – Guest Post

Today I’m delighted to welcome Holly Kingston to Me, My Books and I.  To celebrate the release of Holly’s first novella A Cinderella Christmas we have a fantastic guest post for you – an exclusive interview with one of the characters – Harry Addler, director and co-writer of Cinderella, the pantomime.

But first of all, lets introduce the book:

A Cinderella Christmas by Holly Kingston (1)

“This year’s Cinderella pantomime is the hottest production in town. What’s more, Lucy is starring alongside Ryan Aspall: famous TV actor, sex symbol and potential love of her entire life. One teeny problem – Lucy is tripping the light fantastic as … the back end of the comedy cow. Surely nothing kills a flirty moment quite like wearing a massive set of udders? 

At least she has the support of glamorous (if potentially flammable) Charmaine; a reality star diva of a Cinderella, who Lucy is completely fascinated by. But behind the fame and beauty, Charmaine is not all she seems. 

With more drama off the stage than on it, and everyone wanting to be star of the show, will Lucy find the confidence to make it out of the cow suit and into the spotlight this Christmas?”


Q. So Harry, what made you decide to cast Charmaine Lewis as Cinderella?

A. We wanted a great singer for the part of Cinderella. I wrote most of the songs in the pantomime myself you know. Unfortunately most of the female vocalists we approached were too busy publicising their Christmas single, so we went for Charmaine instead. She’s not bad though. Very pretty girl. If you close your ears and concentrate on her face then she makes for a fabulous Cinderella. Although she’s a bit … how can I put it…high maintenance? We had to get her a dog sitter and a fridge had to be plumbed in to her dressing room.

Q. And what about Ryan Aspall, was he your first choice for Prince Charming?

A, Absolutely! That boy can sing. He also isn’t too trigger happy with the lawyers when things get a little, how can I say, tricky, on stage. He’s got the good sense to call an accident an accident that boy. That’s what I like in a man. The good sense not to sue.

Q. We heard that there was some drama in rehearsals with an ambulance being called for some of the cast? What happened?

A. How did you hear about that? They’re fine. It wasn’t my fault. They should’ve looked where they were going. Idiots. Anyway … no comment until I speak to my lawyers. Next question!

Q. What do you have planned for Christmas Day?

A, Well that’s our one day off. If it were up to me we’d work it, but some of the cast are in a bloody union. I can’t get home on Christmas Day so I’ll probably go to a local hotel with some of the actors for overpriced turkey. If you ask me, some of the guys are a bit over excited about the party. They’re like a bunch of over hormonal teenagers the lot of them.

Q. Will the pantomime be featuring on Charmaine’s new reality show Charmaine: The Beauty Days?

A, Not unless they sign my health and safety disclaimers! That theatre is a death trap. Actually, can I rephrase that please? Thank you. Ahem … the theatre is not a place for people who cannot be responsible for their own actions.

Q. So what’s next for you, Harry?

A. In the Spring I’m working on a musical based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s cats. I’ve called it Dogs. It’s early stages but the lyrics for the songs are great and I’m really excited about the costumes. It’s going to be barkingly brilliant. See what I did there? You see barking … dogs … get-it?

Thanks very much for your time Harry.


You can read more about Harry, and the outrageous goings on in his theatre production, in the brand new novella A Cinderella Christmas by Holly Kingston, available on Amazon now.


HollyKingstonHolly started her life as a child. When she grew substantially taller and learnt how to read she decided that she’d jolly well like to write books. Whilst at college, Holly had a slight change in her career focus and decided to become a marine biologist. On discovering that she sucked at science and that her future job was unlikely to involve monitoring anything larger than sea plankton, Holly went back to the drawing board and got a BSc in Psychology instead. She studied with Scriptwriting North and wrote her first film, along with a number of shorts and a sitcom pilot.

After several years of writing, rewriting, and hiding stuff for posterity on her hard drive, she sent her first novel to The Marsh Agency where she is now represented by Hannah Ferguson. She is currently working on her second full length novel and wondering how to lose the weight she’s put on whilst writing her last book.

You can find out more about Holly Kingston on the Novelicious website, Holly’s website, Twitter or Facebook.

Kiss Me In Paris – Kimberly Kinrade and Dmytry Karpov – Blog Tour – Guest Post

Today I’m delighted to be taking part in the Fiction Addiction Book Tour for Kiss Me In Paris.  You are in for a treat because the authors have a wonderfully romantic guest post to share with Me, My Books and I readers.

Kiss me in paris

“No one knows my secret. Ever since high school, ever since I started living in fear, no one has known the true me. But then I met him, and I couldn’t hide anymore.
He became my hero, saving me from the villain of my past. He became my friend, his smile a blanket of warmth. And he scared me. Because he, this beautiful man, he might become more. Then he’d see the real me, and I couldn’t let that happen.
My name is Winter, and what I desire most I can’t have.
Flashes of the night I was drugged rush back to me. His strong arms carrying me through the streets of Paris. The feel of his heart beating as my head rested against his chest. The soft press of his lips against my forehead when he thought I was asleep.
Oh shit. I’m falling for the cowboy. Cade.
But we can’t be anything more. He has his own secrets. His own darkness he keeps hidden, like the letter he keeps with him everywhere he goes.
The letter he refuses to open.”


Format: Kindle Edition

File Size: 1187 KB

Print Length: 314 pages

Publisher: Daring Books (25 Jun 2013)


New Adult Contemporary Romance – 87, 000 words – Standalone in the Kiss Me series.

Travel the world with the Deveaux’s as they find love, and trouble, in all the right places.


Kiss Me in the Airport: Our First Kiss

When you write a romance novel with your spouse, it’s inevitable that your own relationship seeps into the pages of the book.

Kiss Me in Paris was no exception. And given the title, and the fact that Cade and Winter have their first kiss in Paris, we thought we’d write about our own first kiss, his and her style. Enjoy this story of our first kiss, and at the end, share with us YOUR first kiss.

Kimberly Kinrade says:

I kissed my husband within moments of seeing him for the first time.

It was like a scene from a movie. Our eyes met across a crowded airport. We were drawn to each other like magnets. (Or something more romantic than magnets. Also, something more romantic than moths to a flame, because that simile sounds painful.)

The air between us sizzled with desire and unmet need. When he reached for me and pulled me to him, when my breasts pressed against the muscles in his chest, my heart beat faster and butterflies swarmed my stomach. His lips found mine, and as he deepened that kiss, our essence mingling as we breathed in each other, I knew I’d spend the rest of my life loving this man.

How could I know so soon?

Well, there is a backstory. You see, we may have just met that moment in the airport on New Year’s Eve, but we’d been anticipating that meeting for months.

Dmytry and I first got to know each other on Twitter. Through a series of fortuitous tweets, we discovered a shared love of writing.

What started out as writing partners grew into something more, but we weren’t ready to call it love. Not yet.

We were scared. Scared of how we would make it work when we lived in different countries. Scared of what the world would say to our age difference, to the fact that I already had three children.

But it didn’t matter, because the love we had was stronger than our fears, stronger than our demons, stronger than anything the world could put in our way to stop us.

And so that kiss was a promise of forever.

As Winter says in Kiss Me in Paris, “Airports hold their own kind of magic. They are gateways to other worlds, in the most real sense. An airport is a portal, taking you from one life to another. When you fly, you’re suspended in time and place, not existing anywhere fully until you land.” And she’s right.

That day, in that airport, with that kiss, we traveled from one life to another.

I traveled from the life of a single mom struggling to make ends meet, to a married woman working full time with her husband to live both of our dreams as writers.

And it’s a trip I’ll never forget.

When Winter and Cade kiss for the first time, they get fireworks in Paris, but when Dmytry and I kissed for the first time, we got a whole new life.

Dmytry Karpov says:

We once had a Skype conversation, and it went something like this:

Kimberly asked, “Will we kiss, at the airport?”

And I typed, “We will. I’ll kiss you.”

Then she replied with a ❤ or a

I don’t remember. But I do remember that from that moment I started to plan our first kiss.

I’d kiss her forehead first. Now, I’m not sure why I thought that. Perhaps because I’m taller than most people and foreheads are mostly what I see. So I imagined: I’d lean down and kiss her forehead. Good.

Next, I’d cup her face in my hands, look her in the eyes, and say, “I love you.” That would be our first in-person ‘I love you,’ and it seemed fitting that it should come before our first kiss. Now, I know that’s not the way things usually happen in real life. In real life, people kiss, then say I love you weeks or months later. Right. Right. Right. But it is the way things usually happen in the movies. And I like movies. So do most people. Often, they’re more romantic than real life. So my life would be like a movie.

Once all the forehead kissing and the eye staring and the love speaking was done with, then, and only then, would I kiss Kimberly. That sounded perfect to me.

Of course, I knew it would never happen. Things never happen as you expect.

Days later, I got ready to leave.

I packed one backpack. I left early in the morning. A few hours later, I arrived at the Los Angeles airport. There were a great many people there, and I walked alone for a long while. My greatest fear became that I would not recognize Kimberly the first time I saw her. Or perhaps, that I had already seen her and walked by. Terrifying thoughts, really. How did I expect my plan to ever work?

Eventually, I noticed a group of children. And they noticed me. And then they smiled and charged at me.

I knew them to be Kimberly’s kids. And looking over their cute little heads, I knew that I would see the woman of my dreams.

And I did.

She stood before me, though she was still a few feet away, radiant and glowing and warm like the sun.

I gave the kids at my feet a hug.

And as Kimberly walked toward me, I walked toward her.

We hugged. And I kissed her forehead. And I cupped her face and stared at her eyes, big, blue and beautiful, and I said, “I love you.”

And I kissed her.

After that, I don’t remember much. We walked to the car I suppose. But I do remember what I learned.

That sometimes, things do turn out as you expect. And sometimes they turn out even better. And that from that moment on, my life turned out even better than I imagined.

Our love for each other is made out of memories. And that first kiss may be the most powerful memory of all. When I think of the human experience, I can think of nothing more powerful than falling in love. It’s something everyone should experience.

And I want to help them. So I wrote a novel with Kimberly, now my wife, about falling in love. It’s called Kiss Me in Paris, and it captures all the wonder and excitement I felt that day at the airport.

I hope this novel helps people experience love and remember their own. I hope, reading it, they’ll remember their first kiss.

And how they planned it.

Or how they didn’t.

And how wonderful it was.


Kimberly Kinrade was born with ink in her veins and magic in her heart. She writes romance (contemporary and paranormal), fantasy and paranormal stories for all ages and still believes in magic worlds.

She lives with her three little girls who think they’re ninja princesses with super powers, and her husband, also known as the sexy Russian Prince, who is the love of her life and writing partner.


KK Banner Logo 1 top center


Pick up your copy of Kiss Me in Paris on Amazon, B&N, and wherever ebooks are sold.

The Kindle version is currently on sale:

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Ceri’s Journey: Angels – Linn B. Halton – Guest Post

I’m delighted to welcome Linn B. Halton to Me, My Books and I today to talk about her latest book:

Ceris journey Angels

Introducing Ceri’s journey: Angels – a psychic romance

Release party on Loveahappyending Lifestyle emag July 6th, 2013

How does a writer get an idea to start a new work in progress? Well, it can come from an idea that has been in the back of your mind for a long time, or something simple that happens and your mind runs off at a tangent. Sometimes it’s one simple thought that crosses your mind. Today I’m talking about my latest book, this is a three-part series (each book is a novella of around 30,000 words in length – Angels, Truth and Decisions) and it follows Ceri’s journey – her love story with the sensitive and loving Alex.

Ceri s journey series

The question it throws up, is what if you fall in love with someone you’re not destined to fall in love with? What if fate has mapped out a different life for you both and your paths are meant to cross for a reason, and then move on? Is it possible to change what is fated, or maybe there is a mechanism for correcting the course when something goes off the path of destiny? Is that why some people fall in love more than once and why relationships fall apart? Or maybe it’s possible to have more than one soul-mate. It’s just a thought…and that one question sparked a three-part series!

All I want

But let’s start the very beginning… with Ceri’s journey: Angels, the release party will be featured on Loveahappyending Lifestyle emag on July 6th, 2013. Pop over to on that day for details of how to win an angel all of your very own!

“Ceri thinks she sees angels…everywhere. She struggles to keep separate what feels like two very different sides to her life. As a manager in an advertising company she’s been working with the gorgeous Alex for two years. They have a friendship based upon the image she portrays whilst she’s at work and it helps to keep her sane. One mad, crazy night spent sharing their secrets, and a lot of wine, result in them ending up in bed together. When Alex explains that the reason he doesn’t date is because someone broke his heart, how can Ceri admit that she feels a deep connection to him?

Ceri’s purpose here on this plane is to correct a series of incidents that alter the course of many of the people’s lives with whom she comes into contact. She’s simply putting right little errors that could ripple outwards and change the course of their destiny. But how can she prove that she really has made a difference? Is it all in her head?

She’s alone for a reason; she’s not meant to fall in love in her earthly life. Alex is supposed to cross paths with her and help Ceri during a phase where she begins to question the signs she’s being given. It’s meant to be a turning point for them both—but in opposite directions. They are destined to travel very different paths…but Ceri doesn’t know that and neither does Alex…”

This is a romance story that explores the possibility of there being something more than just the ‘here and now’. If that were the case, how would it work? What keeps us on the path determined for us, when we have free will? How would the spirit world link with us as we go about our lives? Love is a powerful emotion, but can it change the course of someone’s destiny? Ceri’s journey has begun.

Ceri and Alex

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Thank you for sharing your new series with us today Linn, I wish you lots of success with it!

 I have already had the pleasure of reading an ARC of Ceri’s Journey: Angels and I have to say it’s very exciting, you’re all in for a treat!  My review will be coming soon…

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