The Naughty Girls Book Club by Sophie Hart

the naughty girls book clubA quaint suburb.  A quiet little book club.  A very naughty reading list.

When Estelle sets up a book group in order to increase custom to her struggling cafe, what follows is more life-changing than she could have ever imagined.

As the first meeting flounders, Estelle suggests a spot of erotica to spice things up.  Inspired by their naughty novels, this group of shy suburban readers shake off their inhibitions and discover that their own lives can be just as scandalous…” 


I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book from Goodreads First Reads, I was keen to read it as I had heard lots of good things about it.

I quickly became caught up in Estelle’s life and in particular her little cafe which, thanks to the clear writing style, was so easy to visualise. I could almost feel Estelle’s nerves jumping off the page at me as the very first book club meeting took place, this meant that I couldn’t stop reading because I wanted to know exactly how it would go!

The author successfully held my attention with intriguing characters (I was interested in each of their lives) and a fun storyline. Seeing how each character was affected by reading ‘naughty’ books was highly entertaining for me and caused me to smile regularly whilst reading.  The real side of relationships was captured beautifully – I found myself nodding in understanding at some of the issues raised.

The growing friendships was another enjoyable part of the storyline, I could see the characters becoming closer and more relaxed with each other right before my eyes and as they settled into their friendships the ‘naughty’ chat increased!

In my opinion, examining the sometimes controversial subject of erotica (and the many variations of it) gave this book an interesting edge.  As a book blogger who will read pretty much anything I am fascinated by the good and bad reactions that this genre can create.

This was a fun, bubbly read – can erotica change your life?


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