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Today I’m delighted to be taking part in the book tour for Sky Song by Sharon Sant.  Thank you to Fiction Addiction Book Tours for sending me the eBook.

Sky Song

“What the man told him was too incredible to believe, yet Jacob did believe it.  On some deep unconscious level he had always known it to be true. He was an invention, a fictional character.  Jacob Lightfoot didn’t exist.

A strange-eyed boy with no memory of his true identity or real parents, Jacob could have no idea of the mortal danger he has been in every day of his fifteen years. Now that danger has found him and suddenly he doesn’t know who he can trust and what is real anymore.  All he knows is that his new identity is almost as terrifying as the peril unleashing it has brought. Caught in the universal power struggle of an ancient race of beings and a destiny demanded of him that he does not want, he must fight to protect his own life and everyone he holds dear.

But when the time comes, will he be strong enough to make the sacrifices that saving them will demand?”

The very first paragraph of this book was extremely attention grabbing, it sent a wave of questions through my mind and made me want to read on.  Jacob was clearly shaken by his midnight visitor but I was intrigued by it – it had me wondering who or what Jacob was!

I couldn’t stop and wonder for too long though because this action-packed story just kept the surprises coming, Jacob’s life began to unravel before my eyes and he soon became aware of things that were out of this world in more ways than one!  He was understandably afraid to begin with and I felt quite sorry for him as he was forced to make some difficult decisions.  Later on a moment of clarity was an important turning point for him and this led nicely to the final scenes which were particularly enjoyable in my opinion – I was left with a feeling of anticipation about what might happen next for Jacob and his friends.

Jacob was a likeable character but for some reason I found that my favourite characters were Ellen and Luca (Jacob’s best friends), I just seemed to connect with them quicker. Concentration was definitely required for some of the more detailed descriptions of Astrae and the Watcher’s duties, this information was vital for me to fully understand the situation Jacob was in so it was important that I got it right.

The story had a young feel to it with a twist of fantasy that kept me on the edge of my seat.  It was also very unpredictable – I literally never knew what was around the corner.

This was a fast-paced, imaginative read which promises lots more action in the books to come.

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Book two of the Sky Song Trilogy:

The young moon

“‘It is a prophecy, Watcher. And it foretells your destruction.’

So comes the stark warning from Astrae. But what does the prophecy that tells of the young moon actually mean?

Two years have passed and Jacob’s search for the second Successor brings him back to Earth. But his Watcher powers seem to be useless as the other Successor remains shrouded in mystery… And he soon discovers that his bitter uncle, Makash, is also hot on the trail.

Jacob’s quest takes him and Luca halfway across the globe in a race to get to the other Successor first. As they get closer to their goal the body count starts to rise and Jacob and Luca are dragged deeper into Makash’s deadly game as the net closes around them.

All Jacob has to do is cheat death, yet again, find another like him amongst the seven billion people that swarm over the face of the planet before Makash does, and thwart the prophecy that spells his doom. No pressure then…”



Sharon Sant was born in Dorset but now lives in Stoke-on-Trent.

She graduated from Staffordshire University in 2009 with a degree in English and creative writing. She currently works part time as a
freelance editor and continues to write her own stories. An avid reader with eclectic tastes across many genres, when not busy trying in vain to be a domestic goddess, she can often be found lurking in local coffee shops with her head in a book. Sometimes she pretends to be clever but really loves nothing more than watching geeky TV and eating Pringles.

Sky Song is the first instalment of the Sky Song trilogy.  Book two, The Young Moon, is also available and book three, Not of Our Sky, is due for release early May 2013.

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