The Wedding Diaries – Sam Binnie

The wedding diaries

“Kiki Carlow is shocked but delighted when boyfriend Thom proposes.  Planning a wedding is easy, right?  That’s as long as you ignore:

The utterly bankrupting price of the only dress you’ll ever truly love.

Your suddenly pregnant sister – surprise!

The celebrity wedding you’re covering for work which is devouring your every waking thought.

The Mother of the Bride.  Entirely.

Kiki soon discovers that planning the perfect wedding might just bring total chaos to the rest of her life.  Can she stop being a bridezilla in time to marry the man she loves?”

I bought this book after reading some good reviews for it, I was mostly intrigued by the comments about it actually being written in the form of a diary – I just had to see this for myself so I decided to buy it.

The first entry in Kiki’s diary was all about the proposal and I found myself laughing after just a few pages (always a good sign).  The diary style did take a little while to get used to but it was really fun to read – I felt like I was snooping in someone’s diary, something I’d never do… honest ;).

I loved reading about Kiki’s job as an editorial assistant at Polka Dot Books, working with books would be a dream job for me so this was a fascinating part of the story in my eyes.  When she was put in charge of a celebrity wedding book I was excited to see how it would affect the plans for her own wedding.

There were lots of funny moments throughout but a few really stood out – an eventful sales conference, drunken diary entries and a less than successful hen weekend were just some of the laugh out loud moments.

As the book progressed Kiki just got more and more swept away by the whole wedding planning thing and that is when I noticed cracks appearing.  I actually felt torn at this point because I kind of agreed with both parties and couldn’t choose a side, I could only hope that they would come to a mutual agreement that made them both happy.

After many bumps in the road a wedding did happen and I personally enjoyed the end result.  I think that this is a must-read for anyone planning a wedding, especially with the handy wedding guide at the back of the book.

This was an enjoyable read, different from other books I’ve read and funny too!

The Wedding Diaries can be purchased from The Book DepositoryAmazon or from most good book retailers.

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