The Break-Up Test – Rose McClelland

The break-up test

“Meet Amy, Beth and Sarah. All intelligent women with one thing in common – a bad taste in men!

Amy receives seductive texts from Gav and promptly skips round to his house for a mid-afternoon romp. She never planned it that way. Maybe one day he’ll actually fall in love with her?

Beth sits at her desk, her mobile phone propped up in front of her keyboard. Anytime soon it’ll light up like the Blackpool Illuminations, and Karl will finally get in touch about that drink. It’s been five days…

Sarah is seeing Stephen, trying to believe his claim that although he shares a bed with his ex, Kat, they aren’t sleeping together. She can’t believe it’s turned into one of THOSE stories you read about in women’s weeklies.

Then Jamie comes along with his Break-Up Test and turns their lives upside down.

Will Gav, Karl and Stephen suddenly sniff the competition and clean up their acts?

And what exactly is in it for Jamie?”

I bought this eBook from Amazon after reading a couple of good reviews, it sounded like something I would enjoy so I thought I’d give it a try.

The plot was simple – three women with three different relationship problems and a guy who has had a crush on the same girl since his days at university.  My initial impression of the three women were as follows: Amy seemed like a bit of a pushover, Beth seemed rather desperate and Sarah was just plain delusional where relationships were concerned.  I kind of wanted to jump into the book and tell them to stop letting men treat them so badly but they soon figured it out all by themselves and this is where the fun started…

When Jamie came onto the scene it was clear that he also had a relationship dilemma, unfortunately for him his crush wasn’t showing any signs of reciprocating so during a drunken evening they all came up with a list of commandments which they named the break-up test.  The break-up test was all about not accepting poor treatment from men/women and moving on from those who were not showing any signs of commitment.  Do you think they achieved this goal? You’ll have to read it and find out :P.

Reading about their unsuccessful attempts at dating was entertaining but there were parts of the storyline that I felt were repeated, on more than one occasion I found myself thinking I had accidentally got my pages mixed up and was reading the same part twice.

This was a fun read, it didn’t knock my socks off but I still enjoyed it.

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