Chloe’s Corner – The BFG – Roald Dahl

“When Sophie is snatched from her bed in the middle of the night by a giant four times as tall as the tallest human, she thinks she is about to be breakfast.

But luckily for Sophie, her giant is the only nice and jumbly giant in Giant Country, and the pair are soon thinking of ways to disappear the BFG’s nasty neighbours…”

I chose this book because as soon as I saw the author I was intrigued to see what funny phrases the pages held. Having read many of Roald Dahl’s other children’s books, I knew his way of writing was different from any of the other authors I have seen, because Dahl creates ‘new’ words such as ‘Gloriumptious’ and ‘Hopscotchy’ combining two words together. I think that these inventive ‘new’ words was what drew me and all of the other readers in with its randomness.

I loved the clever sketches of the people and scenes because it helps you connect with the book and really get involved as if you were there yourself. Also it separates the writing so there isn’t pages and pages of just text, instead there are illustrations in between breaking it up. I think this is good for children because some people get bored of reading just text, they like to be able to see what’s going on and it gives them a break from reading constantly.

My favourite character was the BFG because of his sweet personality – kind, loving and overall a ‘Gentle Giant’, you would not expect this through his appearance – Tall, Large and Big Built. As one of the main characters he was appealing to the young audience simply because of his friendliness and ‘Teddy-Bear’ build (soft, cuddly and BIG!).

I enjoyed this book because I felt that it was totally full of wacky and wonderful surprises. I liked this factor because it makes the book more interesting and enjoyable to read. I loved the way that Roald Dahl wrote about a completely creative topic → Giants, which is great for children because many kids love the thought of Giants of all different types of personalities, for example – Friendly Giants or Grumpy Giants, Roald Dahl managed to place both of these personalities into his story line, filling the needs of many children.

I loved the way that one of the main characters – Sophie, was frightened and thought that the BFG was evil and was there to have her for a snack, but the further and further the storyline progressed I saw that Sophie was warming to the BFG, understanding that he is not mean but nice and she became much more accepting of his appearance and personality.

I would not change anything about this book as it is packed with a series of genres – Action, Humour, Adventure etc.

I would recommend this book to ages 8 – 10, a mix of boys and girls.

Final thoughts – a great family read, perfect for all different types of children!