Preservation – Rachael Wade

“Fear is sabotage’s sweetest weapon.

Kate has no time for meaningless romantic charades, and definitely no time for hot college professors who are full of themselves and smitten with her. Constantly battling eviction notices, tuition she can’t afford, and a sick, dependent mother, the last thing she needs is to be distracted with someone else’s complicated baggage.

When she stumbles into Ryan Campbell’s creative writing class, he is only “Mr. Campbell” to her, until Ryan finds himself captivated by her writing and she is forced to face their mutual attraction. His cocky know-it-all syndrome is enough to send her running in the other direction, and his posse of female admirers and playboy reputation are enough to squander any odds in her favor.

But underneath Ryan’s abrasive facade is something to behold, and she can’t stay away for long. Ryan and Kate must decide who they’re willing to become and fight against their former selves if they want to make things work. That’s if academia, vicious vixens, old skeletons, and their own mastery at self-destruction don’t pummel their efforts first.”

I got this eBook when it was available as a free download from Amazon (current price £1.91), I had read some good reviews for it and couldn’t wait to get started.

Before the prologue came a section that was told from Ryan’s point of view about his relationship with his ex-fiancee.  I like a story that jumps straight into the action and this certainly achieved that!  The prologue itself introduced Kate and detailed her difficult past, it also gave a hint as to what the story would be about.  All this information was good because I felt like I knew what the two main characters were all about before the first chapter had even started.

Kate and Ryan didn’t get off to a good start with Kate regularly being late for Ryan’s creative writing class, I loved the banter and tension between them because they were both quite feisty characters, this is always a very entertaining combination in a book.

I really liked Kate’s friends Carter and Dean, they both had a crush on her but stayed faithful friends through everything, right to the end of the book.  They were fun and made a great comedy duo, I could picture them messing about so clearly in my mind.

There were some quite intense sexual scenes throughout the book and some very heated moments, especially in the swimming pool and on a night out at the music store.  The book had a very emotionally charged atmosphere to it and I think that is why these scenes came across so well.

There were definite cracks in Kate and Ryan’s relationship and this became more obvious when things took a sinister turn later on in the book.  Both of them were very much affected by it and it threatened to burst the bubble they had surrounded themselves with.

There was an added extra at the end of the story which showed Kate and Ryan’s first moments together from Ryan’s point of view – I absolutely love reading from the male viewpoint so this was a great part of the book for me.

The only criticism I have for this book is that I predicted everything that would happen – nothing jumped out and surprised me.  Generally I don’t mind predictability in a book as long as there are one or two surprises, but this didn’t seem to have any (maybe I’m just getting really good at predicting outcomes).  I loved everything else about it though and can’t wait to read the next one which is going to be called Reservation and released next year.

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