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You may have already seen that I’ve been posting quick book reviews over on my family blog (V Family Fun). Well, I’ve now decided that they would be a better fit here on Me, My Books and I so I’m moving them over and any future quick reviews will be posted here.

These quick reviews are always for books that I’ve purchased myself and they include a star rating and a line or two covering my overall thoughts of the book in question.

Here are all the quick reviews I’ve posted so far:

Wow, just wow! This left me desperate to know what happens next, it was full of danger, excitement, witches, magic and a dash of romance.
5 stars from me!
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This was a fun, funny and sexy read that had me flipping through the pages – I couldn’t get enough.
5 stars from me!
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This was a dark, dangerous read with an underlying hint of romance, another hit from Meg Cabot.
5 stars from me!
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 This was an enchanting read which had mystery and intrigue oozing from every word!
5 well-earned stars from me.
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Charade Nyrae Dawn

This book had a young feel to it and took me on an emotional roller coaster. Full of raw feelings and personal struggles.

 An easy 5 stars from me as I couldn’t put it down!
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Chronicles Of A Lincoln Park Fashionista
This was a feel-good read that was impossible to put down – likeable characters and a great storyline.
5 stars from me!
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This was an intriguing and original storyline but the pace was a little slow for my liking.
I give this book 3 stars.
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Another addictive, laugh out loud read with fantastic characters from this author who quickly became one of my favourites. What a ride!
An easy 5 stars from me.
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This was a fun and summery read, perfect for anyone who spent their teenage years dreaming of pop stars!
I give Bon Voyage 4 stars.
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Firewalker was a breathtaking mix of suspense, unexpected twists and romance. The cliffhanger ending left me wanting more and I can’t wait to read the next book.
There’s only one rating I could give this book – 5 stars!
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This quick review is a little bit different because it’s for a whole series (or the whole series as published so far).
I got the first book, Becoming Alpha, when it was available as a free download on Amazon and enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t resist moving onto the next book in the series. It didn’t stop there – as each book ended I found myself wanting more and, seeing as there were 5 books already published, I gradually made my way through every available eBook!
Book 6 isn’t due to be released until May 2016 so unfortunately I’m forced to wait to find out what happens next (waiting for book releases is pretty much the bane of a bookaholics life).
So in the meantime, here is my overall opinion of the series so far:
Alpha Girl Series
The Alpha Girl series is exciting, magical and dangerous with a thread of romance running through it. A supernatural roller-coaster!
An easy 5 stars from me.

Drive Me Crazy by Portia MacIntosh

        Published by Carina in June 2015.

It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime…

In reality it was a business trip, prettied up as a romantic mini break, but the man behind the wheel was meant to be Candice Hart’s boss and (married but separated, I swear!) lover. Not Danny the new guy!

Not only is Candice faced with a new driver, but the office’s far too handsome hipster expects her to share the cramped space inside his “fully” restored VW Beetle, aka The Love Bug, and put up with his constant opinions about her life…

Before long she is tired of playing the ‘good girl’ and, with Danny’s help, is determined to finally show the world the real Candice Hart!”


First of all I’d like to thank the author for sending me this eBook to read and share my honest review. I’m quite a fan of Portia’s writing (you can read my previous reviews here) so I was looking forward to finding out what she had in store for me next!

The author’s familiar, fun writing style captured my attention quickly and really brought the characters to life. I immediately took a liking to Candice which made reading about her situation difficult for me. You know that feeling when it’s so obvious someone is making a mistake but you know they’ll never listen or make a change if you told them that fact – frustrating!

Danny was brilliant, I loved his carefree attitude and confident demeanour. I also loved the way he brought out a different side to Candice, it was clear he annoyed her but she definitely seemed more relaxed around him.

A big bump in the road (sorry, I couldn’t resist) changed things dramatically for Candice, the giant bubble she’d been living in had finally burst. It was a tough time for her but I was pleased it had happened – I admit to a ” yesssss” as the truth came out. I couldn’t wait for the work trip to get underway after this little blip, I had a feeling it was going to be quite a ride!

There were some really funny moments: permanent reminders of a drunken night out, drama at the roadside, a very awkward surprise homecoming, unplanned public nudity and pug smuggling to name just a few.

I think there’s an important lesson to be learnt from this book – never try to change yourself just to please someone else, if a person truly loves you it’ll be for you, not an unrealistically improved version of you.

This was a fun read with lots of laugh out loud moments, another hit from Portia MacIntosh!


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Like Father Like Son by Portia MacIntosh

Like father like son

“Lydia Parker can’t wait to leave the quiet little village she grew up in and get to uni, but when she lands herself in trouble during her final year she ends up back at home, living with her parents, aged 24.

With her old friends trying to force her back into village life and settle down there, Lydia soon meets a slightly older man and ends up dating him… only to find out he is the father of the boy she had a crush on all through school.

Lydia has to contend with dating a man twice her age and having feelings for his son, as well as not having a job and living with her crazy parents, who have their own drama going on.”

I got this eBook when it was available as a free download from Amazon (current price 77p).  I have read and enjoyed other books by this author (reviews here) so I was looking forward to getting started.

Straight away the witty writing style pulled me in, 24-year-old Lydia had unfortunately been forced to move back in with her parents and it was clear that they were driving her crazy with smiley face toast and their not so comforting words.  Her family was a great source of amusement for me though, each member of the family had something about them that made me laugh.

Lydia’s foul-mouthed friends were another favourite of mine, they were keen to help Lydia move on with her life but their tactics were sometimes questionable.  I found all of the characters very easy to visualise thanks to the clear descriptions and fun dialogue.

The complicated relationship between Lydia and father/son was highly entertaining for me, I haven’t read anything like that before so it was a refreshing change of subject.  I was intrigued to see where the triangle would lead and have to admit that there were quite a few surprises along the way!

There were so many laugh out loud moments and family dramas that kept me flipping the pages, it was such an addictive read that I just couldn’t put it down and ended up finishing it in the early hours of the morning.

This was a funny book that entertained me throughout, I look forward to more from this author.

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How Not to be Starstruck by Portia MacIntosh



“If you spend your impressionable teenage years with rockstars their bad behaviour is bound to rub off on you – that’s what happened to music journalist Nicole Wilde and now she’s struggling with her world vs. the “real world”. As hard as she tries to be normal she is living by a different set of rules – band rules. Relationships are fast, fleeting and always newsworthy, friends are those people you see on the road, on stage and on TV and love, marriage and babies are just things that happen to other people… boring people.

Nicole’s glamorous and exciting world starts getting messy when the lives of those around her start going wrong. Her rockstar best friend Dylan (one of the most famous/sexually active men in the country) knocks up a one-night-stand and decides to do the honourable thing and marry her, her newly-famous “one that got away” lets his new status go to his head which affects their relationship, and Nicole finds herself having feelings for Dylan’s dashing but normal publicist.

When secrets that only Nicole knows start appearing in the tabloids she has to try and work out where the leak is coming from, and when she is caught in a compromising position with newly married Dylan, Nicole finds out what it’s like to be on the receiving end of bad press.”

I got this eBook when it was available as a free download from Amazon, I really enjoyed the novelette Between a Rockstar and a Hard Place (review here) by the same author so I was very much looking forward to reading this.

I enjoyed learning about Nicole’s life, she described herself as a professional hanger-on and all she really wanted from life was to have fun – I liked her for this and felt that she was the kind of girl I could be friends with in the real world.  Her career as an editor for an online magazine was the perfect way to keep in contact with the bands she already knew and the bands she wanted to meet!

I absolutely loved Nicole’s friendship with Dylan and once again I was captivated by the idea of being a rock star’s best friend.  Dylan was a character who continuously made me laugh with his actions, particularly when alcohol and ladies were involved.

I found myself hooked on Nicole’s love life, it was complicated, unpredictable and I just couldn’t figure out which guy she would or should choose.  At the end of the book it did seem like she had made a choice but I got the feeling that there would be more to come or maybe I should say that I hope there is more to come (hint hint Portia ;)).

The storyline gave me a fascinating insight into the world of groupies, bands and touring, I was amazed by some of the goings on and I think this was one of the reasons that I enjoyed it so much.  The impact that the press/paparazzi had on the bands lives was another interesting factor, seeing it from their side was certainly an eye-opener!

One of my favourite moments was a TV show towards the end, it was hilarious and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud as I pictured the scene.  As with the previous book I liked the conversational writing style that made me feel like I was chatting to Nicole, it made me feel part of the story and this is something I always enjoy when I’m reading.

This was a real page-turner, if you enjoy reading about rock stars/bands then it’s definitely one for you!

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Between a Rockstar and a Hard Place – Portia MacIntosh


“They say when you can’t find something the first thing you should do is look for it in the last place you remember seeing it – but what if the thing you have lost is a super-famous rockstar, and the last place you saw him was on stage performing some of his greatest hits in front of 50,000 screaming fans?

Dylan King is best known for being the lead singer in The Burnouts. He is less known for being journalist Nicole Wilde’s best friend. When their schedules see them working at the same outdoor music event it isn’t long before Nicole is taking on her usual extra responsibilities – making sure Dylan behaves, carries condoms, has at least a little blood in his alcohol stream, oh, and attempting to track him down when he vanishes into thin air after the show.

With his record label on the brink of dropping him for being a liability, Nicole has just 24 hours to try and find Dylan, following him from girl to girl all around the strange little town where they are staying.”

I got this eBook novelette when it was available as a free download from Amazon, I had been chatting to the author on Twitter and loved the sound of her books so I was looking forward to getting started.

It began with a quick introduction of Nicole’s friendship with Dylan, I loved the idea of being best friends with a rock star (yes I know they’re only human and they have best friends too but still – what a cool thought)!  From what I could tell, Nicole really had her work cut out trying to keep him on track, this was made even more obvious when he went missing and Nicole hinted that she often had to find him when he disappeared.

I laughed out loud at some of the crazy things that happened as I followed Nicole on her mission to find the drunk, womanising rock star.  Unfortunately for Nicole he always seemed to be one step ahead of her.  Things got even more interesting when another celebrity joined in the hunt for Dylan, although he did seem to have an ulterior motive!

I really liked the authors writing style, it felt like I was having a chat with an old friend – it was all very natural and easy to read.

This book totally got my imagination going and I found myself in a wonderful daydream about being best friends with my favourite rock star (okay so maybe not rock star, more like boyband member but never mind, you get my point :)).

This quick to read eBook was entertaining, light-hearted and fun, I look forward to reading more about Nicole and Dylan in Starstruck.

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