The Right Mr Wrong – Natalie Anderson

the right mr wrong

“‘Will you marry me?’

Isn’t that the question every girl dreams of hearing? Victoria certainly used to think so. And safe, steady Oliver seemed perfect husband material. But that was until she met Liam, his rebellious, scorchingly hot best friend. Suddenly Victoria’s feeling things – crazy lust-fuelled things! – she’s never felt before. But for the wrong guy…

Then Oliver goes down on one knee and it’s decision time – head or hormones? But, whether she says yes or no, Victoria’s about to discover the truth about guys like Liam – once you go bad you never go back!”

Firstly I’d like to thank the publishers for sending me this book to read and give an honest review. Modern Tempted (previously known as RIVA) is a fabulous new series from Mills & Boon, these books are fun, flirty, sexy and romantic but with a contemporary edge.  I loved the sound of them all and couldn’t wait to dive in.

The Right Mr Wrong began with a teasing Christmas time scene which fueled my addiction to fictional love-triangles, it was tense and even though I was only a few pages into the book I was already hooked!

The chemistry between Victoria and Liam fizzed and sparked off the page at me throughout the book, I repeatedly found myself holding my breath in anticipation of what might happen next.  Victoria was a likeable character and Liam was very easy to fall for – he said all the right things so when it switched to his point of view I was excited to hear his inner thoughts.

When I arrived at the end of the first half of the book I felt a bit confused; Victoria and Liam’s story seemed to be at an end and a whole new story, starting with chapter one again, was just beginning. There was no explanation for this but as I started reading I figured out what was going on – basically this book covered two options, one where Victoria said yes to Oliver and one where she said no, essentially raising the ‘what if?’ question in a very clever way.  I loved this idea of an alternative future although I wish it had been clearer to save my confusion.

The second half Victoria, or Vivi as she was known this time, was very different; she was confident, strong and generally seemed more equal to Liam.  As I was reading this half I was trying to decide which future I would favour but I just couldn’t decide because I liked both of the end results!  It certainly got me thinking about big decisions that I have made in my past and how different life could be now if I’d chosen another option.

Both futures contained super sizzling sex scenes so please be warned and if it’s something that is likely to offend you then this may not be a book for you.

This was a fun and sexy one-day read, I’m definitely looking forward to more from the Modern Tempted series.

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The Right Mr Wrong was published in September 2013 and can be purchased from Mills & Boon, Amazon, The Book Depository or from most good book retailers.