Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen

Dark kiss

“One kiss can change everything . . .

Samantha’s never been special. She’s always the girl who blends into the background. Until a surprise kiss from unattainable crush Stephen. Now suddenly every guy in school is clamouring for her number.

But Samantha’s newfound popularity comes at a dangerously high price – a desperate need to devour human souls.

Enter Bishop – a street kid with secrets as intense as his unearthly blue eyes. He’s immune to her mesmerising new power – and her only hope of salvation. Together, giving into the darkness inside of them, is their strongest weapon to combat a terrifying demonic threat.

Once you’ve embraced the dark, can you ever go back again?”


I bought this book after reading some good reviews for it, it sounded like my kind of read so I was excited to get started.

The prologue hinted at some dark goings on and seeing as the main part of the story jumped straight into the action I was hooked very early on.  The overall feeling of darkness was later on lightened by a touch of romance and this contrast was what made it so enjoyable for me.

So, back to the story, after the kiss Samantha started to feel strange but naturally didn’t link the two together until she met Bishop…

There was an air of confusion surrounding her first meeting with Bishop.  I wanted to know what was going on just as much as Samantha did, as each piece of the puzzle was revealed I found myself sinking further and further into the storyline.  The two of them connected beautifully as characters and this connection lasted throughout the book.  When Kraven was introduced I quickly warmed to him, unusually for me I found that I liked him more than the main male character (Bishop) so when I picked up a hint of his stronger feelings towards Samantha I was excited and hope for more of this in the next book.

There were some intense scenes towards the end which made my heart beat faster, the author successfully added some very unexpected twists and this kept me on my toes (I just love surprises when I’m reading).

This was an addictive read, darkness and romance mingled together to create the perfect supernatural atmosphere.


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