Pride & Premiership – Michelle Gayle


I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would like this book very much because I’ve tried reading WAG/football type books before and I could never get into them.  This one, however, captured my interest pretty much on the first page.  It has been written as a diary and this made it really interesting to read.  Coupled with the fact that it made me laugh a lot this book had me pleasantly surprised.

It follows a girl called Remy on her quest to become a WAG, her sister Malibu devises a plan to help them both bag a footballer and it seems to be quite successful but certain things happen that has Remy questioning if that is really the life she wants.  I’m not entirely keen on the whole idea of girls chasing footballers just for the WAG status but this books tells it in such a way that it doesn’t sound like such a fabulous lifestyle after all.  It wasn’t all just WAG talk and footballers though, there was a part of the story that dealt with a few family issues that I think many young people could relate to.

The book is aimed at younger readers,14+, but even though I’m 29 I still enjoyed it.  I liked the style of writing, it actually felt like I was reading a teenage diary (reminding me of my own back in those days!).

This is a light, fast-paced book and I would like to read more from Michelle Gayle.