The Wedding Diary by Margaret James

The wedding diary
Published by Choc Lit in December 2013

“Where’s a Fairy Godmother when you need one? 

If you won a fairy-tale wedding in a luxury hotel, you’d be delighted – right? But what if you didn’t have anyone to marry? Cat Aston did have a fiancé, but now it looks like her Prince Charming has done a runner.

Adam Lawley was left devastated when his girlfriend turned down his heartfelt proposal. He’s made a vow never to fall in love again.

So – when Cat and Adam meet, they shouldn’t even consider falling in love. After all, they’re both broken hearted. But for some reason they can’t stop thinking about each other. Is this their second chance for happiness, or are some things just too good to be true?”


I was lucky enough to win a paperback copy of this book from a giveaway on Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog. I was instantly attracted by the sparkly cover (I’m a sucker for sparkly things) and I was keen to find out if the story lived up to its glittery clothing.

Once I began reading I was grabbed by the excitable writing and characters who I quickly connected with.  There was a whirlwind of information which made me want to know even more about the situation so I had no choice but to keep flipping the pages!  There were lots of funny moments and the wedding competition itself was a great source of entertainment for me as it raised so many questions.

Although I had a pretty good idea how things would end up I have to admit that I found myself surprised on quite a few occasions – there were many unexpected twists which kept me on my toes until the last pages.  This book went deeper than I thought it would when I started reading.

My favourite part of the whole storyline was a trip to Italy, it had such a magical feel to it and in my mind this was where the glitter was at its strongest!

This was a warm, smiley read with characters you can easily care about.


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