A Miracle at Macy’s by Lynn Marie Hulsman

Publisher: Harper Impulse

Publication Date: 18 October 2015

One lost dog. Two lonely hearts. A Manhattan Christmas full of magic.

Shy homebody Charlotte is planning her usual quiet Christmas celebration: Turkey for two for her and her beloved pet dog Hudson. Only, this year, little Hudson decides to take matters into his own paws and give his favourite human a holiday adventure she’ll never forget.

When Hudson runs away the week before Christmas, Charlotte is devastated. She’d rescued him from the trash years before and gave him a place in her home – and her heart. But with the help of uptight Englishman Henry, Charlotte ends up on a magical treasure hunt around Manhattan to find her furry, four-legged bestie.

Spotted in Central Park as one of Santa’s Little Helpers, or last seen in the arms of a supermodel in Times Square, Hudson leads Charlotte and Henry on a very merry dance around the Big Apple, where love, (or should that be Christmas?!) actually is all around.”


Firstly I’d like to thank the publishers for approving my NetGalley request for this eBook. I was initially attracted by the cover but when I read the blurb I knew I just had to read it – dogs and Christmas are two of my favourite things!

I thought Charlotte’s relationship with her dog Hudson was wonderful, probably because it reminded me so much of my own relationship with our dog Flint. There was a definite mother and child thing going on between them.

Charlotte seemed very awkward around people to begin with, she was a homely person with a passion for cooking so she spent a lot of time indoors with Hudson. This was why, when Hudson went missing, Charlotte was so far out of her comfort zone. I really enjoyed watching her character grow as the storyline progressed and the hunt for Hudson intensified.

The sights, scents and sounds of Christmas in New York were beautifully described and paraded vividly through my mind as I read.

There were plenty of funny moments – Vijay in particular was a hilarious character and a real favourite of mine. This was combined with some magically romantic scenes which kept me flipping the pages.

Although it was pretty obvious where the storyline would end up, even just from reading the blurb, I still thoroughly enjoyed the journey to get to that point.

A Miracle at Macy’s was a feel-good, Christmassy read that put a smile on my face.


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