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You may have already seen that I’ve been posting quick book reviews over on my family blog (V Family Fun). Well, I’ve now decided that they would be a better fit here on Me, My Books and I so I’m moving them over and any future quick reviews will be posted here.

These quick reviews are always for books that I’ve purchased myself and they include a star rating and a line or two covering my overall thoughts of the book in question.

Here are all the quick reviews I’ve posted so far:

Wow, just wow! This left me desperate to know what happens next, it was full of danger, excitement, witches, magic and a dash of romance.
5 stars from me!
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This was a fun, funny and sexy read that had me flipping through the pages – I couldn’t get enough.
5 stars from me!
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This was a dark, dangerous read with an underlying hint of romance, another hit from Meg Cabot.
5 stars from me!
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 This was an enchanting read which had mystery and intrigue oozing from every word!
5 well-earned stars from me.
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Charade Nyrae Dawn

This book had a young feel to it and took me on an emotional roller coaster. Full of raw feelings and personal struggles.

 An easy 5 stars from me as I couldn’t put it down!
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Chronicles Of A Lincoln Park Fashionista
This was a feel-good read that was impossible to put down – likeable characters and a great storyline.
5 stars from me!
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This was an intriguing and original storyline but the pace was a little slow for my liking.
I give this book 3 stars.
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Another addictive, laugh out loud read with fantastic characters from this author who quickly became one of my favourites. What a ride!
An easy 5 stars from me.
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This was a fun and summery read, perfect for anyone who spent their teenage years dreaming of pop stars!
I give Bon Voyage 4 stars.
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Firewalker was a breathtaking mix of suspense, unexpected twists and romance. The cliffhanger ending left me wanting more and I can’t wait to read the next book.
There’s only one rating I could give this book – 5 stars!
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This quick review is a little bit different because it’s for a whole series (or the whole series as published so far).
I got the first book, Becoming Alpha, when it was available as a free download on Amazon and enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t resist moving onto the next book in the series. It didn’t stop there – as each book ended I found myself wanting more and, seeing as there were 5 books already published, I gradually made my way through every available eBook!
Book 6 isn’t due to be released until May 2016 so unfortunately I’m forced to wait to find out what happens next (waiting for book releases is pretty much the bane of a bookaholics life).
So in the meantime, here is my overall opinion of the series so far:
Alpha Girl Series
The Alpha Girl series is exciting, magical and dangerous with a thread of romance running through it. A supernatural roller-coaster!
An easy 5 stars from me.

It Had to Be You by Lynda Renham

It had to be you
Published by Raucous Publishing in February 2014.

“When 29-year-old Binki Grayson is offered a Christmas bonus by her boss at the office party she didn’t imagine he meant a quickie over his desk. Things for Binki just go from bad to worse and by Christmas Day she is not only jobless but boyfriend-less, so when she discovers her late Aunt Vera has left her something in her will she thinks things can only get better. What she doesn’t realise is that her inheritance comes with a complication by the name of William Ellis.”


Firstly I’d like to thank Raucous Publishing for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review. I absolutely love Lynda Renham’s books as you can tell from my previous reviews here. I couldn’t wait to see what kind of fun and laughter was waiting for me in this book!

Wow I certainly wasn’t disappointed – I was laughing out loud at the very first chapter, Lynda’s familiar, humorous writing style simply sparked off the page at me.  Binki’s (what a fabulous name) life seemed to be spiralling downwards and I felt sorry for her even though her reactions were so comical and made me giggle. An unexpected inheritance looked like it would turn things round for her but somehow it led to William and their tumultuous relationship entertained me from the moment they met to the very last page.

I could really relate to some of the dilemmas Binki faced, the author created scenes and characters that felt very real and brought them to life in such a fun way.  Some of my favourite moments included: an unwanted thrill drill, a frustrating experience at the supermarket self-checkout, an interesting career change and loo therapy (don’t ask, just read the book)!

Tension built towards the end and left me completely unable to put my Kindle down, I ended up reading into the early hours of the morning because I just had to know what would happen next.

This was another entertaining, feel-good read from Lynda Renham – I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for laughs!


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The Valentine Present and Other Diabolical Liberties – Lynda Renham

Valentine present

“On arriving home after a friend’s posh wedding, launderette worker Harriet finds her life irrevocably changed as she discovers her flat ransacked and her boyfriend missing. In a matter of hours she is harassed by East End gangsters and upper crust aristocrats. Accepting an offer she can’t refuse, Harriet, against her better judgment becomes the fiancée of the wealthy Hamilton Lancaster, with dire consequences. What she had not bargained on was meeting Doctor Brice Edmunds. 

The Valentine Present and Other Diabolical Liberties is Lynda Renham’s funniest novel so far. A cocktail of misunderstandings, three unlikely gangsters, a monkey and a demented cat make this novel a hysterical read. Follow Harriet’s adventure where every attempt to get out of trouble puts her deeper in it.”

Firstly I’d like to thank Raucous Publishing for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review.  I have enjoyed other books by Lynda Renham (reviews here), I love her witty titles and hilarious writing style so I really couldn’t wait to start this one!

I’m pleased to say that I wasn’t disappointed, this was just as fun as the previous books I’ve read.  The first chapter delightfully explained the title of the book, it also introduced me to three gangsters (who were all called Jack) and Harriet’s boyfriend Julian.  As with the other books I’ve read by this author I was instantly hooked and laughing out loud pretty much straight away.

The dramatic events that led to Harriet accepting Hamilton’s offer were entertaining and captivating – I just couldn’t stop flipping the pages to find out what was going to happen next.  The trip to Scotland was everything I hoped it would be and the storyline continued to hold my attention throughout with the hilarious ups and downs that Harriet faced (there were just too many funny moments to mention).  The gorgeous Brice added an interesting side to the story, the chemistry between him and Harriet was perfectly written and an absolute pleasure to read.

This was a fabulously fun read, the comedy combined with the criminal undertone made it thoroughly entertaining!

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Pink Wellies and Flat Caps – Lynda Renham

Pink Wellies and Flat Caps

“Alice Lane has everything; a wonderful fiancé, a responsible job and a lovely flat in Chelsea, but after she has a bra fitting her life goes tits up.

Homeless, and with just a sparkling engagement ring as a memory of her previous life Alice accepts a live-in farm managers job and discovers that things actually can get worse.

Come with Alice as she makes her hilarious career change and struggles to cope with her moody employer, Edward. But can Alice turn her back on romance and resist the dashing Dominic or will the past come back to surprise her?”

Firstly I’d like to thank Raucous Publishing for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review.  I previously read and loved Coconuts and Wonderbras by the same author and you can find my review of this here.  Like the previous book this had a witty and intriguing title, when I read the blurb I just knew that I would find the book interesting because of my own farming experience (I won’t go into details of that entertaining time of my life though!).

The very first sentence had me laughing out loud and that is always a good way to start a book in my opinion.  Alice was humorously shopping for bras with her friend Georgie when she received a shocking text that was set to change her life dramatically.  Her move to Cornwall was another big shock to her system – it was very different to her life in London and I found her reactions to the adjustment extremely funny!

I loved the feisty banter between Alice and Edward, they were really comical whenever they were sniping at each other.  Alice was a fantastic character who had the tendency to let her imagination run away with her and I simply loved how dramatic she was, her London friends were just as funny especially when the three of them got together – I couldn’t stop giggling at their antics.

About halfway through I was surprised to find an incredibly sad moment, I went from laughing out loud to crying buckets in just a few pages – having been through something similar this sad episode definitely touched a nerve with me.  When the story first switched to another point of view I was surprised by what was revealed and had a feeling that it would seriously complicate Alice’s new life.

There were so many fantastic parts to this book but some of my favourites included: a hilarious job interview, an outburst in the cowshed, a fun visit from Alice’s friends and a rescue mission towards the end which was highly entertaining!

This author has such a naturally fun style of writing which makes it so easy to read her books, I really struggled to put the book down and felt like I was actually part of the story – I didn’t want it to end.

This was another fantastic read from Lynda Renham, if you are looking for a book with lots of laughs then I would definitely recommend Pink Wellies and Flat Caps (even the title makes me smile :)).

Pink Wellies and Flat Caps is available now from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

To find out more about Lynda Renham you can visit her blog, follow her on Twitter or like her Facebook page.

Coconuts and Wonderbras – Lynda Renham

“Literary agent Libby Holmes is desperate for her boyfriend, Toby, to propose to her and will do anything for him and if that means dieting for England then she’ll have a go. However, when Libby’s boss introduces her to her new client, Alex Bryant, her life is turned upside down.

Alex Bryant, ex-SAS officer and British hero, insists Libby accompany him to Cambodia for a book fair. What she hadn’t bargained for was a country in revolt. Libby finds herself in the middle of an uprising with only Alex Bryant to protect her, that is, until Toby flies out to win back her affections.

Come with Libby on her romantic comedy adventure to see if love blossoms in the warm Cambodian sunshine or if, in the heat of the day, emotions get just too hot to handle.”

Firstly I’d like to thank Raucous Publishing for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review.

I have to admit that when I was asked to read this book the first thing to grab my attention was the fantastic title.  While I was reading it I enjoyed telling everyone the name of the book because it guaranteed a smile (even from the men)!

Straight away I could relate to Libby, she had the same thoughts and feelings about dieting as I do:

“I only have to think marshmallow and I look like one.”

Libby was an easy character to like as was her best friend Issy, Toby on the other hand was most definitely one of the villains of the story – I disliked him right from the start and couldn’t understand why someone as sweet as Libby would be with him.  Libby’s parents were hilarious and I cringed for her pretty much every time they were around.

Alex was brilliant, he was sexy, courageous and very manly.  I really enjoyed the moment when Libby first met him, in fact I enjoyed every moment that they spent together, particularly the bickering!  There was clearly some tension between them and this just made it even more fun to read.

Most of the story was told from Libby’s perspective but there were a few parts written from Alex’s side and oh how I loved those glimpses into his mind – I found myself wondering what he was thinking quite a few times throughout the book so I suppose I would have liked more from his point of view.

The adventures in Cambodia were fantastic to read, I laughed so much whilst reading this book – who would have thought that a wonderbra could be so useful, or that doing time in a Cambodian prison could be so comical!  I found this to be an easy and enjoyable read, it was beautifully written and definitely makes me want to read more from this author.

This was a fantastic book and one I would certainly recommend, particularly if you are a fan of Sophie Kinsella type books.

Coconuts and Wonderbras can be purchased from Amazon UK (Kindle Edition just 79p at the time of writing this review) or Amazon US (Kindle Edition just $1.26 at the time of writing this review).

To find out more about Lynda Renham visit her blog here.