Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts – Lucy Dillon

lost dogs and lonely hearts

“When the abandoned strays from a local dogs’ home are matched with brand new owners, it turns out it might not just be the dogs who need rescuing.

Rachel’s aunt has left her a house, a Border Collie and, despite knowing nothing about dogs, a crowded kennels. But since her life has collapsed she’s not sure she can deal with any more lost souls.

Zoe’s ex-husband has given their children a puppy. The kids are in love, but she’s the one stuck training Toffee the impossible Labrador. She’s nearly at the end of her tether – until Toffee leads her to a handsome doctor…

Meanwhile Natalie and Johnny’s marriage hasn’t been easy since they started trying for a baby. But is a fridge-raiding, sofa-stealing Basset hound like Bertie really the child substitute they’re looking for? 

As the new owners’ paths cross on the town’s dog-walking circuits, their lives become interwoven. And they – and their dogs – learn some important lessons about loyalty, companionship and unconditional love . . .”

This was another birthday money purchase and is the first book I have read by this author – I had read a couple of good reviews for it and as you may or may not know I’m a huge animal lover so it sounded right up my street.

Rachel’s life had changed dramatically in a very short space of time so when she was sat in a solicitor’s office being told about her inheritance she was understandably a bit dazed.  She was about to enter a whole new phase in her life and a very different one at that! I must admit that I enjoyed her reaction to her new surroundings, I chuckled at her interactions with the dogs and also with the local vet George who was very abrupt (but rather handsome so we’ll forgive him ;)).

There was something about Rachel’s aunt Dot (who left her the inheritance) that was slightly mysterious but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was.  When all was revealed I have to say that it wasn’t what I was expecting at all!

Natalie and Johnny’s struggles to start a family really touched me, I felt that the author handled this sensitive issue with care and created a believable atmosphere.  Zoe was adapting to life as a single mum and once again the author carefully detailed the more difficult aspects of her life.  The characters were all strong, each one of them was as enjoyable as the other and before I knew it I found myself completely caught up in their lives.

The rescue kennels were at the heart of all the activity in the book, this was something I liked because I really got the sense of being there.  It took me back to my own experiences of volunteering at a local rescue centre and on more than one occasion I filled up with tears over the dogs and their histories.

This was a lovely read that pulled on my heart-strings, I look forward to reading more from this author.

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