Dream Lake – Lisa Kleypas

Dream Lake

“Zoë Hoffman is as gentle and romantic as they come, and when she meets the startlingly handsome Alex Nolan, all her instincts tell her to run.  But something about him intrigues Zoë, so she encourages him to open his mind to the possibility that love isn’t for the foolish.

Alex Nolan is about as bitter and cynical as they come, battling his demons with the help of a whiskey bottle, until he is visited by a mysterious ghost.  Has Alex finally crossed over the threshold to insanity?

The ghost doesn’t know who he is, or why he is stuck in the Nolans’ Victorian house.  All he knows is that he loved a girl once.  And Alex and Zoë hold the key to unlocking the mystery that keeps him trapped there.”

I was lucky enough to win this paperback from a giveaway on Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog.  I’ll be truthful and say that I probably wouldn’t have picked this book up if I saw it in a shop but I’m immensely glad that I won it and got the chance to read it, I feel like I would’ve missed out if I hadn’t.  This book is part of the Friday Harbor series and it didn’t seem to matter that I haven’t read any of the other books – it works well as a standalone.

It started with an introduction to the ghost, I was so intrigued by him because he knew nothing about himself and I couldn’t wait to join him on his journey to discover everything he needed to know.  After Sam Nolan had bought the house that the ghost was currently living in/haunting, he began renovating with the help of his brother Alex.  It was Alex’s arrival at the house that marked a significant change for the ghost because Alex was able to hear and see him!

Most of the characters in this book had some kind of sad story to tell, it was filled with complicated family dynamics and lives that had been tinged with sadness.  It wasn’t all seriousness and heartbreak though, there were quite a few times when I found myself laughing out loud – the tense friendship between Alex and the ghost caused most of my laughs.  I loved how the ghost became a part of Alex’s everyday life, casually involving himself in his conversations and interactions.

The chemistry between Alex and Zoë was hot and I was glued to the pages hoping that things would work out for them.  Zoë had a wonderful relationship with her Grandmother, Emma, who was struggling with some health issues and being a familiar subject to me I found I could relate to this side of the book easily.

It was very easy to visualise everything from the descriptions, particularly all the mouth-watering food, and I think that it would make a wonderful movie.  I enjoyed trying to piece together all the clues of the ghosts life and was relieved to finally discover the truth about it all.

I read this in less than a day, by the time I reached the end I simply could not stop the tears from falling and I finished the book feeling strangely relaxed even though I had been crying so much!

This was an incredible read, it was thought-provoking and emotional.  I definitely want to read more from this author.

Dream Lake can be purchased from The Book DepositoryAmazon or from most good book retailers.

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