Permanently Temping – Lauren Milner-Howells

“Why is it forbidden to borrow someone else’s tea mug? How is home-baking related to promotion and what is a ‘cake rota’? When Hollie Cooper walks into her first job after graduating, she realizes that the world of work is going to take some getting used to.

As she struggles to find a spark with her arty new boyfriend and fails to stay away from her cheating ex, Hollie’s non-existent career turns into chaos. But a chance meeting with a handsome friend of her ex could turn her life upside down…

Hollie’s life turns into a side-splittingly funny ride involving work, life, love, good – and not so good – friends. Who will she end up with? Will she find her own happily ever after? And will she ever find a job that’s right for her?”

Firstly I’d like to thank the author (@fluffypen on Twitter) for sending me this eBook to read and review.

The synopsis caught my interest straight away and after just a few pages it was confirmed that I would really enjoy this book.  It started off with an email – this is something I always seem to enjoy in stories so it was a good opener for me.

As the title suggests, Hollie tried a fair amount of different jobs throughout the story, her experiences were often humorous and made me laugh many times.  When I’m reading a book I make notes of things that I particularly enjoy or make me laugh and this book had so many!  Just a few of my favourite moments included some crazy police officers who seemed rather obsessed with dead bodies, office staff whose lives were ruled by cake day, tea cups and trying not to overheat, and the best moment for me was the bee incident – something that had me crying with laughter as I pictured the scene.

Hollie herself was a great character, she was a bit of a daydreamer and quite naive in some ways.  I found these qualities endearing and actually felt quite protective over her, particularly when she was being messed around by a few not-so-nice individuals.  I really loved her notebook obsession because I also love a pretty notebook and could relate to that side of her.

Gavin was another interesting character and I found myself really looking forward to another planned/unplanned meeting with him and Hollie, I was keeping my fingers crossed for something to happen between them.

The wonderfully romantic ending put a big smile on my face and I was sad that the story had finished – I wanted more!

This is a fun, light read with lots of laughs, I look forward to reading more from Lauren Milner-Howells.

Permanently Temping can be purchased from Amazon UK and US.

Lauren Milner-Howells currently works part-time for a university as an events officer. She spends the rest of her time writing. This is her first novel but she has now started her second. She lives in London with her husband and two Siamese cats.