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Tempest – Julie Cross – UK Giveaway


I seemed to have complete brain failure when I bought this book because I’ve already read and reviewed it (in my defence, it does have a different cover to the other copy I have).  It wasn’t until I got home that I realised my mistake so today I’m running a UK giveaway for a paperback copy of Tempest by Julie Cross.

“Jackson Meyer is hiding a secret. He can time-travel. But he doesn’t know how he does it, how to control it or what it means.

When Jackson, and his girlfriend Holly, find themselves in fatal danger, Jackson panics and catapults himself two years into his past, further than he’s ever managed before, and this time he can’t find a way back to the future. All the rules of time-travel he’s experienced so far have been broken and Jackson has no choice but to pretend to be his younger self whilst he figures out a solution.

Jackson is tearing himself apart with guilt and frustration, wondering if Holly survived. He’s also become the target of an unknown enemy force and it seems even his dad is lying to him.

Jackson is racing against time to save the girl he loves, but to do that he must first discover the truth about his family and himself. And stay alive.”

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Tempest – Julie Cross


It was the cover that first attracted me to this book and when I realised that it was a book about time travel it really caught my interest because I hadn’t read any time travelling stories before.

The two main characters in this book are Jackson and Holly, they are young and in love but Holly doesn’t know about Jackson’s ability to jump back in time.  Jackson’s geeky friend Adam helps him figure out the scientific side of ‘jumping’ and encourages him to record the details of his time travelling experiences.

At the beginning of the story Jackson seems very confident but that gradually starts to fade when he realises the dangers involved with his lifestyle.  A major event happens in the story which throws Jackson further back than he’s ever been before and he discovers things that will affect his future in a big way.

I loved how intense this book was, I just had to keep reading to find out where the story would take me.  The twists and turns had me on the edge of my seat and I was completely unable to predict what would happen next!  The relationship between Jackson and Holly was also fantastic to read, it’s like you can really feel Jackson’s feelings jumping off the page at you.

This is a great book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and I can’t wait for more!