Horse Play – Jo Carnegie

“Churchminster village – picturesque, quaint, sleepy – OR NOT …

A place where women know exactly what they want, and it’s not cream tea with the vicar.

A place where anything can happen … so be careful what you wish for.

And a place where the men had better behave … because the ladies won’t take it lying down (well, not unless they want to)!”

I was eagerly awaiting the release of this book and it certainly didn’t disappoint – this is another fabulous hit from the wonderful Jo Carnegie!

I have read all of the Churchminster books so far and reading this book feels just like catching up with old friends.  There are also some brilliant new characters to meet:

  • Kizzy – I really liked her from the get-go, I loved how passionate she was about the horses amongst other things!
  • Javier – I didn’t like him much until the end of the book, he had a lot to deal with but I felt he could have handled it better.
  • Edward – he is a lovely mysterious character, very quiet and he seemed to be keeping secrets – I was so relieved to finally find out what those secrets were and I have to say it wasn’t anything like what I expected.
  • Cheryl – I was really unsure about her at the start of the story but by the end I absolutely loved her and she is now one of my favourite Churchminster characters.

I felt that all the new characters made great additions to the Churchminster regulars and I’m hoping there will be more books to come so I can find out what happens next with them all.

Calypso is by far one of my favourite regulars, I find myself laughing out loud at the way she says things without thinking and  how she always tries to shock people.  I also love the relationship she has with her Granny Clem, they couldn’t be more different but you can really feel their connection jumping out at you.  Life in Churchminster is always lively and fun when she’s around and that is what makes me like her so much.

Whenever I’m reading one of these Churchminster books I find that I read slower than usual just because I want to savour every single word, and seeing as this was the longest book in the series it meant there was even more lovely words to enjoy!

I just can’t get enough of these fun, sexy, entertaining books, they keep me hooked until the very last word.