Asking for Trouble – Elizabeth Young

“Sophy’s single and happy about it.  She does however, have an imaginary boyfriend, Dominic, a little white lie designed to keep Sophy’s mother off her back.

Which is fine, until his presence is demanded at a family wedding.  So does Sophy admit Dominic is a fantasy?  Oh no.  Sophy hires an escort.

But when the distinctly delicious Josh Carmichael arrives on her doorstep, Sophy can tell things are going to get tricky.  And the wedding is only the beginning …”

What a fantastic idea for a story!  This book was incredibly funny and I suppose quite believable especially if you have the kind of family who thinks there must be something wrong with you if you’re single!  It was another book that I just couldn’t put down, part of the reason for that was the entertaining relationship between Sophy and Josh – obviously they were pretending to be a couple and this made for some hilarious reading.  There are also some serious moments in the book though, family disasters that only seem to complicate things for Sophy and Josh’s fake relationship.

My favourite part of this book, other than the ending, had to be the time when Sophy and Josh stayed at her parents house, the banter between the two of them is so funny to read.  I won’t say too much more as I don’t want to give it away but lets just say the tension is high and the laughs are plenty.

I made a prediction at the beginning of this book about how it might all end up, I did predict correctly but throughout the book various events had me thinking I might have been wrong so I was definitely kept on my toes.

This is a funny, unputdownable book that I thoroughly enjoyed.