Breakfast in Bed – Eleanor Moran

“At thirty-one, Amber is being bombarded with wedding invitations just as she’s collecting her divorce papers – and her bossy best friend has gone one step further and made her chief bridesmaid.  It’s high time Amber regained control of her life and career.

Amber’s joy at landing herself a coveted role in Oscar Retford’s kitchen soon fades as she discovers Oscar is as famous for his furious temper and addiction to firing people as he is for the legendary meals he creates.

But as passions start to run high, and her past catches up with her, it looks like Amber’s cooked up a recipe for disaster…”

I was lucky enough to win this paperback book from a giveaway run by @Btweenthesheets on Twitter.

Amber had separated from her husband, Dom, and she went for a job interview at a well-known chef’s new restaurant, after a not-so-great interview she was surprised to find out that she had got the job. She was completely in awe of her new boss, Oscar, and very keen to impress him.  He was a stereotypically loud, angry and hot-headed chef who creates some rather unusual culinary masterpieces – lambs tongues, pigs spleens and even blood ice cream!

Amber is not fully over her ex-husband, who cheated on her, and she finds herself crushing on Oscar with his manly and controlling ways.  It soon became clear that he felt the same way and so began a relationship that would threaten everything she had worked for.

Throughout the whole book I got the sense of confusion from Amber, she just didn’t know what to do about her feelings for her ex and then her boss.  So she threw herself into her new job so that she wouldn’t have to think about that side of her life.  To begin with Dom was not a favourite of mine but as the book progressed I found myself warming to him, once he had explained his version of events I looked at it in a different way.

There were a lot of funny moments that had me laughing out loud, one of the most memorable for me was the crème brûlée incident, it really got me giggling!  Amber’s romantic mathematics was also a fun part of the story, I’ve always been terrible at maths so I couldn’t quite follow her reasoning though.  The ups and downs of running a restaurant was another enjoyable part, working somewhere like that sounds extremely stressful but it was fascinating to read about.

Although this book was a little bit predictable at times I was quite surprised by the ending – I feel like there should be a sequel because I would love to know what happens next for a few of the characters.

This is an enjoyable and witty book, great to curl up on the sofa with.

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