Take Me Home by Daniela Sacerdoti

Published by Black & White Publishing in December 2013 (eBook) and 10 April 2014 (Paperback).

“Inary Monteith’s life is at a crossroads. After a stolen night with her close friend Alex, she’s just broken his heart by telling him it was all a terrible mistake. Then she has to rush home from London to the Scottish Highlands when her little sister’s illness suddenly worsens – and in returning she must confront the painful memories she has been trying so hard to escape.

Back home, things become more complicated than she could ever have imagined. There’s her sister’s illness, her hostile brother, a smug ex she never wants to see again and her conflicted feelings about Alex in London and a handsome American she meets in Glen Avich. On top of that, she mysteriously loses her voice but regains a strange gift from her childhood – a sixth sense that runs in her family. And when a voice from the past keeps repeating, ‘Take me home’, she discovers a mystery that she knows she must unlock to set herself free.

Take Me Home is a beautiful story of love, loss, discovering one’s true abilities and, above all, never forgetting who you really are.”


Firstly I’d like to thank the publisher for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review. I’m a big fan of Daniela’s writing (reviews here) and I had heard wonderful things about this book so I was very much looking forward to getting started.

The prologue gave me chills (the first of many whilst reading the book) as I learned about the moment Inary realised she had a gift. There were also hints of something unpleasant in her past which really intrigued me and I couldn’t wait to find out what it was.

A night of passion caused Inary some confusion and unfortunately that was immediately followed by some bad news which, understandably, mixed her life up even more. Reading Alex’s point of view was lovely but a little bit heartbreaking at the same time because it was only then that I realised the extent of his feelings towards Inary.

After an extremely sad scene of loss which had me filling up with tears, Inary discovered that she had lost something else – this was a fascinating part of the storyline for me, I was just so interested to see how she would cope and how it would affect her life.  The loss also opened up a strange opportunity for her which led to plenty more eerie moments and Mary’s story (an incredibly addictive tale that captivated me as much as it did Inary).

The atmospheric writing style beautifully captured each situation and made me feel what the characters were feeling.  Speaking of the characters, they were so likeable that I felt personally connected to each of them.

This was a beautiful and touching story with a twist of spiritual intrigue!


Take Me Home is Daniela’s second adult book.  Her debut novel Watch Over Me was released as an eBook in 2011 and has now sold over 400,000 copies.  She is also the author of the paranormal YA trilogy, The Sarah Midnight Trilogy (Dreams/Book 1 and Tide/Book 2) and is working on the third installment, Spirit.

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Watch Over Me – Daniela Sacerdoti

Watch over me

“Eilidh Lawson’s life is in crisis.  Years of failed fertility treatments, a cheating husband and an oppressive family have pushed her to the limits.  At the end of her tether, she runs away to the one place she thinks she can find solace – her childhood home in the highlands.

There, as she struggles to mend her broken life, she reconnects with her childhood friend Jamie McAnena, who is trying to raise his daughter Maisie alone.  After Maisie’s mother left to pursue a career in London and Jamie’s own mother, Elizabeth, passed away, he has resigned himself to being a family of two.

But sometimes there is more to a story than meets the eye.  Despite their reluctance, curious circumstances keep bringing Jamie and Eilidh together.  For even when it seems all is lost, help can come from the most extraordinary places.”

Firstly I’d like to thank Black & White Publishing for sending me this book to read and give an honest review.  This isn’t the first book I’ve read by this author, I have also read and enjoyed the first two books in The Sarah Midnight Trilogy (reviews here).  I had heard many MANY good things about Watch Over Me so I was very much looking forward to reading it.

Wow, what a powerful prologue!  It was thought-provoking, slightly haunting and completely drew me in so that I just had to find out exactly what happened on that spring night in the woods.

As soon as I read about Eilidh’s struggles to fall pregnant, and the effects it had on her life, I felt incredibly sorry for her.  I knew then that she would be a character that I’d take to my heart and as she ran from the pain I felt glad, I thought it was the right thing for her to do.

When I read Jamie’s story I felt a mixture of emotions, I was shocked that a mother could up and leave her child so easily, sad for what Jamie and Maisie had lost but also happy that they were able to stay together.  He seemed to be a very likeable character and I quickly warmed to him even though there were times that I felt frustrated by his actions, particularly when he didn’t say what he really wanted to.

Then came the twist that made this book so special for me – Elizabeth’s story after her death!  She was Jamie’s late mother and reading about how it broke her heart to leave her family behind brought tears to my eyes.  She raised some great points about motherhood and talked about death in a peaceful kind of way.  The moment she ‘felt’ Eilidh’s distress gave me chills and I enjoyed Elizabeth’s memories of Jamie and Eilidh’s childhood as friends.

As Eilidh and Jamie both tried to rebuild their lives and battle their inner demons, Elizabeth was working behind the scenes to make sure they would find each other again – this was one of my favourite parts of the book and brought a smile to my face every time she intervened.

It wasn’t just the main characters who captured my interest, the author created some fantastic supporting characters who were just as interesting and I really enjoyed following their ups and downs too!  Elizabeth had to be one of my favourite characters though, her words were inspiring and made so much sense, the author had written it so beautifully that I felt like I was actually reading the thoughts of someone who had passed away.

There were a couple of heart-stopping twists and turns towards the end, one in particular that gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes once again.  I found this story so poignant and was completely unable to put the book down – I finished it in just one day.

This was a breathtaking read, it was beautifully written with such an emotional atmosphere, I have a feeling this book will stay in my mind for a long time.


Daniela Sacerdoti was born and raised in Italy but now lives in Glasgow, Scotland.  Daniela holds a degree in Classics from the University of Turin and has taught Italian, Latin and Greek – her great-uncle was the renowned Italian writer Carlo Levi.

Watch Over Me, Daniela’s debut, was released as an eBook in 2011 and has now sold over 150,000 copies.  She is also the author of the paranormal YA trilogy, The Sarah Midnight Trilogy (Dreams/Book 1 and Tide/Book 2) and is working on her second adult novel, also set in Glen Avich.

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Watch Over Me was published by Black & White on 18 April 2013 and can be purchased from The Book  DepositoryAmazon or from most good book retailers.

Tide – Daniela Sacerdoti


“Sarah Midnight is no ordinary teenager.  She is a demon hunter, caught up in one of the deadliest wars unknown to man.  Orphaned at the age of sixteen, Sarah learned the family trade of hunting without her parents to guide her but under the watchful eye of her ‘cousin’, who was revealed to be Sean Hannay, no relative at all, but a dear friend of the real Harry Midnight.

Now the fight continues.  Sarah and Sean may have defeated the Scottish Valaya, but the rest of the war still rages on, and Sarah, Sean, Nicholas and their companions must unearth the identity and location of the enemy – the leader of the demons – before the world plunges into the Time of Demons once more.  Their quest leads them to Sarah’s family home, the Midnight mansion in Islay, and there they discover horrible truths about the demon ruler, his plans, and Sarah’s own personal history.

Along the way, Sarah must battle not only the demons but her hurt towards Sean and her feelings for the enigmatic Nicholas, who has plans of his own.”

Firstly I’d like to thank Black & White Publishing for sending me this paperback to read and give an honest review, I had really been looking forward to reading this after enjoying the first book in the trilogy Dreams, my review of which can be found here.

The story began with an interesting prologue which revealed a piece of Sarah’s family history, this was something that featured heavily throughout the book and I was pleased to have some of my leftover questions from Dreams answered.  After the prologue it picked up where the cliffhanger ending from last time had left off – Sarah was still being watched and Sean seemed to be stuck in some kind of uncomfortable limbo, until a surprise visitor turned up and told him something he really didn’t want to hear.

There were times when Sarah seemed lost and slightly bewildered by the events of her life, but her strength from the previous book definitely grew as she learned more about her history and this was great to see.  I felt unsure about Nicholas before and his behaviour this time around troubled me once again, when the truth about him was revealed I can’t say that I was too surprised because I had figured it would be something along those lines.  His plans for Sarah’s future were dark and unpleasant but despite this I found myself feeling sorry for him, particularly as the story progressed and I felt like I got to know him better.

The whole book had a mysterious feel to it and the author held my interest throughout with the many twists and turns in the storyline.  With new monsters and demons to defeat Sarah faced much more tragedy and in the midst of all this action was a hint of romance that was incredibly complicated but added a warm touch to the story.

Once again I enjoyed reading the characters inner thoughts, it really gave a clearer insight into the workings of their minds – you always discover the truth with those few little words.  I also loved how the author had created an exciting power for each member of the group of friends so that when they were together they seemed so powerful.

The visit to Islay was my favourite part of the book because it was where the story intensified – fierce battles were fought and shocking secrets were discovered, all of this seemed to change the direction of Sarah’s thoughts and gave her even more strength.

The author’s descriptive writing made it easy to visualise everything and I would love to see these books come to life as a movie.  I finished with a smile on my face and I’m full of anticipation about the next book, I just can’t wait to find out what happens next!

This was an action-packed and imaginative page turner which had me hooked from start to finish.


Daniela Sacerdoti is the bestselling author of Watch Over Me.  She was born and raised in Italy but has lived in Scotland for the past ten years.  Daniela holds a degree in Classics from the University of Turin and has taught Italian, Latin and Greek – her great-uncle was the renowned Italian writer Carlo Levi. She lives in Glasgow.

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Tide was published by Black & White Publishing on 21 February 2013.  It can be purchased from The Book Depository, Amazon (Paperback or Kindle Edition) or from most good book retailers.

Dreams – Daniela Sacerdoti

“Seventeen-year-old Sarah Midnight has never had a normal life.  To the outside world she is a typical teenager, but on the inside, Sarah holds an unimaginable secret.  Her parents are demon hunters, part of a web of Secret Families who have sworn to protect the world.  When they are mysteriously killed, Sarah’s world is shattered but she knows she must now take up their fight.

Unprepared for the task ahead, she finds herself thrust into a world of incredible danger, full of things she never even knew existed.  Including her enigmatic long-lost cousin who, out of the blue, turns up on her doorstep when she needs him most.  He claims to be there to help and protect her, but how will she know who to trust in this perilous new life?  And can she stay alive long enough to complete her parents’ quest when they have left her so defenseless? 

Sarah has to learn, and learn fast – the demons are all around her and death waits for no one…”

I bought this book after reading some good reviews for it, the blurb sounded interesting so I thought I’d give it a go.

It took me a little while to follow what was going on as there was so much information to take in at the beginning, I soon fell into the storyline though particularly once I learned the reason for Sarah’s parents being killed – this was a turning point for me.

The whole idea is very imaginative and as I was reading I felt a sense of urgency and extreme danger. The demons were scary and I couldn’t imagine how Sarah would ever survive an attack from them.

Sarah had clearly had a difficult upbringing and reading about her obsessiveness with cleaning and tidying made my heart break for her, she seemed incredibly lost so when Harry came into her life it was nice to see someone caring for her.  Harry was a lovely character although I knew the secrets he was keeping from Sarah would cause problems, at one point I was yelling at the book because I just wanted him to tell her!

When the mysterious Leaf was introduced I came up with all sorts of ideas as to who he was, I got the feeling that he wasn’t trustworthy but some of his actions made me question those feelings so I still feel unsure about him.

Throughout the book the characters had inner thoughts and I loved this side of it because I’m a very nosy person and I always like to know what isn’t being said.

As the book progressed Sarah became much stronger and I enjoyed seeing this change in her, after a fantastic cliffhanger ending I look forward to seeing if her strength continues into the next book!

This was a dark and at times scary book which thoroughly intrigued me.

Dreams can be purchased from The Book Depository and Amazon.

To find out more about Daniela Sacerdoti visit her website here.