Dolls Behaving Badly – Cinthia Ritchie

Dolls behaving badly

“Carla Richards is a lot of things: a weary waitress at Anchorage’s premiere dining establishment, Mexico in an Igloo; an aspiring artist who secretly makes erotic dolls for the extra income; a divorcee who can’t quite detach from her ex-husband; and a stressed-out single mom trying to support her gifted eight-year-old son Jay-Jay, her pregnant sister Laurel, and her babysitter-turned-resident-teenager Stephanie.

One afternoon, surrounded by bills she can’t afford to pay, Carla finds inspiration and hope in the form of the “Oprah Giant” — an unusually tall woman who directs Oprah’s viewers to keep a diary and to commit themselves to paper every single day. “Your thoughts are gold — hold them up to the light and they shine,” she instructs. As Carla begins following the “Oprah Giant’s” advice, she soon realizes her life is filled with more potential and possibility than she ever dared to imagine. Her finances, her art career, and even her love life begin to improve. Yes, her sister might still be crazy and the occasional moose might still tear up the yard, but that’s okay. Perfection is overrated. And as long as she has her family, friends and her Polish grandmother’s traditional recipes, she has everything she needs to be happy.”

Firstly I’d like to thank the author for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review.  Pretty much everything about this book intrigued me – the cover, the title and the blurb so I was looking forward to reading it.

Written in a diary style, I felt like Carla was talking to me personally as she described her life in a very blunt and honest way.  Her honesty was something I really liked because it made the book feel more real, it also made me feel closer to the character as I could relate to parts of her life (not the dirty doll making though :)).  Carla’s son Jay-Jay was one of my favourite characters, considering he was so young he added a voice of reason and had a strong, intelligent mind.  I particularly enjoyed the spelling bee that he was involved in.

As well as the diary the author held my interest with a variety of extras – letters, lists of what was on her kitchen table, recipes, emails and answer machine messages, this all added to the unpredictable feel of the book – I never knew what was coming next!

Carla’s secret second job (making dirty dolls) was the thing that intrigued me the most about this book, I was fascinated by her descriptions of how they were made and what they looked like.  The general randomness of her life regularly made me laugh or smile, she received bones as gifts and got surprise visitors on the toilet – these were just a couple of the random things that went on in her life.

There was some strong language of a sexual nature included in this book so if you are likely to be offended by this then it may not be a book for you.

This was a unique and gritty read that also held some important messages.

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