Blood Sinister – Celia Rees

“Ellen hasn’t seen Andy for years – and the transformation is incredible.

He’s tall, with high cheekbones and tousled hair.  If Ellen was normal, she’d have a massive crush on him.  But Ellen is dying.

Her illness is a mystery.  It’s as if all the strength is slowly being sucked from her.

What dark force is reaching out to claim her, draining her lifeblood away?”

Ellen has a mystery illness and is staying at her grandmothers house so that she is nearer the hospital.  In the attic she discovers some diaries written by her great-great-grandmother (also named Ellen) and reading them leads to some frightening revelations.

It took a while for me to get into this story and even when I did I wasn’t blown away, for me this book just didn’t have the wow factor.  However, I did enjoy the diary entries, they were well written and I found I was more interested in the Ellen from the diaries than the modern day Ellen.

The whole story had a dark feel to it and was like a puzzle that needed piecing together.  As I read through the book there were things that I couldn’t quite understand and had to try to figure out what they meant.  The vampires in this story are the traditional, scary kind of vampires and I’ll be honest I did have a nightmare about them the night I finished this book!

This is a short, dark vampire story, I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either.