The Jewels of Manhattan – Carmen Reid

The Jewels of Manhattan

“Like all crazy plans, it was plotted out on a cocktail napkin.

1. Steal fabulous jewels

2. Sell for millions

3. Live happily ever after

Brilliant and oh so simple … when you’re a few Cosmopolitans down.

Not quite so easy … if you’ve never stolen anything before, and you’re dating a detective.

The three Jewel sisters, Amber, Sapphire and Em, came to New York in search of the perfect life.  But do they have to steal their dream?  Or can they resist the temptation?”

This was an impulse buy, I loved the cover and the blurb intrigued me so I went ahead and got it (welcome to the simple world of my book buying requirements!).

The action started straight away with Amber and Sapphire becoming caught up in the middle of an armed robbery – this was a great way to start the book because it meant that I was hooked immediately.  There were lots of laugh out loud moments throughout and there were many times that I found myself shaking my head in disbelief at some of their actions, I was willing them to make the right choice!

Amber was my favourite character, at the beginning I would’ve said she was the most level-headed sister but as the story progressed she seemed to get swept along with all the mad things that Em had started.  Speaking of Em, I’m afraid I didn’t like her at all – I was waiting for her to have some redeeming qualities that I could warm to but it just never happened.  Sapphire was much more likeable, she was very innocent and childlike in some ways and I found this rather endearing.

There were lots of predictable moments but this didn’t affect my enjoyment in the slightest, I just loved the whole idea and the comfortable style of writing made it easy for me to read.  This kind of unbelievable storyline is the perfect example of why I love reading fiction so much – it’s great to escape to a bit of unreal craziness now and then.

This was a light-hearted read that I was addicted to from the very start.

The Jewels of Manhattan can be purchased from The Book DepositoryAmazon or from most good book retailers.

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