Chelsea Wives – Anna-Lou Weatherley

Chelsea Wives

“They are the ultimate ladies who lunch: Imogen, the beautiful ex-model, Calvary, the glamorous, former fashion editor.  And Yasmin, the feisty ex-party girl.

But life isn’t all champagne and canapés.  Plagued by personal tragedy and united by failing marriages, they mastermind a shocking plan to turn the tables on their husbands.  The Chelsea wives are about to get their own back.”

I was lucky enough to win this paperback book from a giveaway on Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog.

The prologue was promising, it was very intriguing and left me with all sorts of explanations running through my mind, after that I found it a struggle to fully get involved with the story and its characters. This didn’t last too long though and I soon became rather caught up in the glamorous world of the Chelsea wives.

After initially feeling irritated by the three main characters, I was surprised to find myself utterly fascinated by them.  Once I had discovered more about their lives and realised that there was a lot more depth to each of them I found it easier to connect.  Their crazy world was so completely different to my own, full of money, deception and lies – something that I admit was difficult to read about at times, but definitely gave an edge to the storyline.

It was the master-plan for revenge that ultimately captured my attention with this book, during the build-up to the main event I was very keen to find out how it would work and finally watching it all unfold was very exciting!  The whole plan was like a female version of Oceans Eleven 🙂

There was an unexpected turn of events towards the end that made it impossible to put the book down, I simply had to know how things would turn out and I’m happy to say that once I reached the end I was satisfied with the outcome.

The book contained quite a few sex scenes with the occasional bout of drug use and swearing so obviously if this is likely to offend you then I don’t think this book will be for you.

This was an enjoyable book – glamour and mystery all mixed together!

Chelsea Wives can be purchased from The Book DepositoryAmazon or from most good book retailers.