The Summer of Secrets – Alison Lucy

1989 – Newlyweds Danny and Harriet arrive at their honeymoon paradise in the Caribbean.  Days later, Harriet returns home.  Danny is left distraught, but finds comfort in the arms of two women.  Nine months later, three baby girls are born…

2010 – Megan leaves her childhood sweetheart behind in the UK to go in search of her long-lost father.  Miles from home, she finds temptation at every corner.

Esmé, a Mexican beauty, married Miguel at fifteen.  By unlocking the secrets of her past, can she shed the shackles of her enforced marriage?

Claudia has led a life of privilege, but she’s never known what it feels like to be loved.  Could David be the answer?

Three women set off on an adventure to uncover the secrets surrounding their missing father.  It may be the only way to lay their demons to rest, but seeking out the truth could tear their lives apart.”

I was lucky enough to win this paperback from a giveaway on Daisy Chain Book Reviews.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this so was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it – I just couldn’t put it down and read it in less than a day!

As the blurb says, the story began in 1989 with Danny and Harriet on their honeymoon.  The cracks in their relationship were already showing and this made me wonder why they got married in the first place.  The reason Harriet returned home was unexpected and this led to a chain of events that left me a little bit dazed and with a huge question mark in my head – I wanted to know what the result of the cliffhanger would be.

Obviously it would be too easy to find out the answer to my question straight away so this is where the book zoomed forward in time and I discovered more about the girls who were conceived during that fateful summer.  I loved reading about each of their upbringings and finding out how different they were, they all had their own difficulties to deal with and I thoroughly enjoyed following their journeys.  I couldn’t wait for their lives to intertwine and when it finally did, I literally got goosebumps!

There was a dark undercurrent to the story where gambling, drugs and prostitution threatened the happiness of those key characters in the story.  This gave the book an edge which kept me on tenterhooks and continuously turning the pages to see how it would all end.

The explanation that I had been seeking throughout the book didn’t disappoint me and by the time I had finished reading I felt satisfied that I knew the truth at last.

This was an intriguing book that really got under my skin, I couldn’t stop reading!

The Summer of Secrets can be purchased from The Book Depository or Amazon.

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