Other Halves by Nick Alexander

Published by Black & White Publishing in June 2014

“When Hannah and Cliff’s fifteen-year marriage falls apart, it seems almost impossible to start again.

While Hannah tries to reconcile the warring factions of her heart, torn between a pre-teen son and a romantic love half a world away, Cliff struggles to face up to issues he has suppressed since adolescence in the hope of finding happiness in a confusing world. Amid the turmoil of separation, and with their son, Luke, caught in the crossfire, both Hannah and Cliff face the challenge of rebuilding their lives.

To make the other halves of their lives count, they will need courage and determination. To build new relationships, they will need to dare to love again.

Other Halves beautifully maps the break-up of a couple, with all the tough choices and heartache it entails, but above all it is a touching story of self-discovery, finding new love and beginning life afresh.”


Firstly I’d like to thank ED Public Relations for sending me this book to read and share my honest opinion. This is the sequel to The Half-Life of Hannah which I recently read and reviewed here. I had originally planned on reading a couple of other books before reading this one but I enjoyed the first book so much that I just had to find out what was next for Hannah and her family.

Other Halves picked up right where the previous book had finished and Hannah’s life was certainly very different this time around. The storyline had a completely different atmosphere to the first and this was something that continued throughout.

I was surprised to find that I wasn’t as keen on Hannah at the beginning of this book, I admit that her behaviour shocked me a little. It wasn’t until I read further that her actions began to make a bit more sense to me but I still felt that something wasn’t quite right.

The big changes in Hannah’s life brought about an education of herself and she really did learn a lot – it was interesting to see that growth. Cliff also had a lot to learn (and to admit) about himself, perhaps even more than Hannah did, and I felt that the author handled this particular subject very well.

As the storyline came to an end I had mixed emotions, I felt satisfied with the way each of their lives had turned out but I also felt like there should be more. I guess I was waiting for the same kind of shocks that were blowing up all over the place in The Half-Life of Hannah but this book was much more mellow.

This was an interesting read, not as captivating as the first book was for me, but very thought-provoking nonetheless.


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