Angel Fever by L.A. Weatherly

Angel fever
Published by Usborne Publishing in August 2013.

“Willow and Alex are mankind’s only hope. With the world in ruins, the angels are enslaving humanity, moving survivors into camps where they can devour their energy, causing slow but certain death.

Training a new team of Angel Killers, Alex and Willow’s love grows stronger than ever – and success is almost within their grasp. But when Willow senses a terrifying shift in the angels’ powers, Alex is forced to embark on a deadly solo mission. Now Willow is left to defeat the angels with Seb, and she has no idea if Alex is ever coming back…”


This is the final book in the Angel trilogy, you can read my reviews of the first two books here – I absolutely loved them so I just couldn’t resist buying this one when it was released.  I had been looking forward to getting stuck into it for ages!

Something that I enjoyed in the previous book was the love triangle and I was really hoping the tension between Willow, Alex and Seb would continue.  I’m happy to report that it did continue and kept me on my toes pretty much throughout the whole book.

I was quickly sucked back into the storyline, the survivors of the devastation from book two were trying to come up with a new plan to get rid of the angels and many exciting moments followed. When Alex made a decision to face the unknown I was concerned for him and Willow, I couldn’t quite figure out which direction the story would go in at that point.

For me this was the perfect finale to a fantastic trilogy, the author’s words were so captivating that I felt like I was living each and every emotion that the characters were feeling and in my opinion that is something that made this trilogy so special. The battles were intense, the tragedies were heartbreaking and the romance was powerful – I was simply glued to the pages!

This was an enchanting read that finished the trilogy perfectly.


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