Shannon’s Law by Emma Calin Including Giveaway!

shannons law

“Wild child inner city cop Shannon Aguerri walks a dangerous line between her methods and justice. When the bosses lose their nerve, after yet another maverick mission, she is transferred to green pastures to play out the role of a routine village cop. In Fleetworth-Green she encounters signs of people and drug trafficking and homes in on serious millionaire criminals. 

As a loner she has attracted men but nothing has stuck. When she meets Spencer, the hunky and widowed Earl of Bloxington, there is an immediate rapport between them. Their social differences mean nothing to their passion and need. Already in the mix is an upper class female rival – who has long plotted her way into the Earl’s bed. The jealousy is an evil shade of green and the anger is a violent scarlet. 

Often inhibited by a sense of duty and honour, Spencer is slow to reveal his feelings. When Shannon confronts him with the need to choose between her word and that of her rival, he does not immediately support her. 

All the same, when they are forced together to carry out a desperate rescue mission, their love is stronger than everything ranged against them.”


Firstly I’d like to thank the author for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review. Having previously enjoyed the first book in the Passion Patrol series (review here) I was keen to get reading.  Although this is part of a series I would just like to say that it also works very well as a standalone read.

The storyline jumped straight into the action and I found myself quickly hooked on Shannon’s straight-talking attitude.  She yearned for something exciting to happen in the quiet village of Fleetwood-Green so she could put her police skills to good use. She came across a group of teenagers in the woods and this led her to Earl Spencer who had an instant affect on Shannon.

Shannon was a brilliant character, she was very strong and feisty, some of her comments literally had me laughing out loud!  I was curious as to why she was transferred to the village from Brixton but it soon became clear.  Spencer was a mixed character – he had a nervous, sweet side but I also got the feeling of strength and power from him.  The supporting characters were as interesting as the main characters, I particularly liked Mel who made up a great comedy duo with Shannon.

The criminal side of things was really interesting for me, a gruesome discovery got me thinking up all sorts of things – I felt like a detective as I tried to solve the case alongside Shannon.  There were some very tense moments as she performed her duty as a police officer, a heart-pounding rescue mission was one of my favourite parts of the book.

Once again there were times when I found the authors writing style to be almost poetic, especially the romantic/steamy/sexual scenes.  Shannon’s sexual encounters were described in detail so please bear this in mind when you choose to read this book – it may not suit everyone’s tastes.

This was another enjoyable read from Emma Calin, romantic and sexy with a twist of police action!



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4 thoughts on “Shannon’s Law by Emma Calin Including Giveaway!

  1. Thank you so much for your post about Shannon’s Law. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and write your review. It’s great that you have read both books in the series and could add this perspective. Lots of love Emma x


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