The Greatest Love Story of All Time by Lucy Robinson

The greatest love story of all time

“It’s Fran’s thirtieth birthday and things are good . . .

She’s bluffed her way into a Very Posh Job and her outlandishly handsome and talented boyfriend Michael is escorting her to the Ritz with a bulge the shape of a ring box in his pocket.

But something has gone wrong. Very wrong. By the end of the evening Fran is howling in bed with a bottle of cheap brandy and one of Michael’s old socks.

In her quest to figure out why her life has suddenly gone down the pan, Fran comes up with a failsafe plan: live like a badger, stalk a stranger called Nellie and cancel her beloved Gin Thursdays in favour of drinking gin every night. But then Fran’s friends force a very different plan on her and it’s nowhere near as fun. How could eight dates possibly make her feel better?

But eventually she agrees. And so begins the greatest love story of all time . . .”


I bought this book after reading and enjoying A Passionate Love Affair With a Total Stranger by the same author – my review of that book can be found here.

Getting to know the main character Fran at the beginning of the book was entertaining to say the least, I particularly enjoyed reading about the time she met Michael – I just couldn’t help but laugh! The whole storyline was filled with my kind of humour, there were rude jokes, clumsy moments and amusing events that kept me flipping the pages with a smile on my face.

The supporting characters were just as fun as the main character and this is something that I always like in a book because it gives me more of a well-rounded reading experience.  My favourites were Leonie and Dave – Leonie just had such an honest/blunt way of talking, her antics had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion.  Dave was a curious man who also said what he was thinking in a very amusing way but there was also a mysterious side to him that I couldn’t quite figure out.

The dating part of the story was so much fun, the messages Fran received were hilarious and I loved reading about the dates themselves, once again these were filled with humour and entertainment. However, putting all the fun and laughter aside there was a small element of the storyline that was far more serious.  It involved Fran’s mum and I felt that the behaviour of all those concerned was written accurately and with feeling, in my opinion it grounded the book and added a touch of a difficult reality.

This was a fun read with a hint of real-life difficulties, I look forward to more from this author.


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