Author Interview with Romy Sommer

Today I’m delighted to welcome Romy Sommer to Me, My Books and I:


I’ve always written stories for myself, but didn’t even think of being an author until I realised that being over thirty and living in a fantasy world was a little odd. Writing those same stories for other people makes it a lot more acceptable!

By day I dress in cargo pants and boots for my not-so-glamorous job of making movies but at night I come home to my two little Princesses, in Johannesburg, South Africa, where I live, and I get to write Happy Ever Afters. Since I believe every girl is a princess, and every princess deserves a happy ending, what could be more perfect?

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Hi Romy,

Where did the idea for The Trouble with Mojitos come from? 

This book grew out of my previous book,Waking up in Vegas, in which younger brother Max inherits the Arch Duchy of Westerwald after his brother Rik is disinherited. That was too good a story to pass up, so I just had to know what happened to Rik after he disappeared.

Who designed the cover and why did you go for that particular design? 

The cover was designed by the super talented Alexandra Allden, who creates all the Harper Impulse covers. My brief to her was for light, bright beach colours, with an emphasis on blues and yellows. I love that this cover keeps the same overall look and feel as the first book.

Who was your favourite character to write and why? 

Without a doubt Rik was my favourite character. From the moment he stepped out of the shadows in the tiki bar I fell headlong in love with him!

If you had to write it all over again, would you change anything? 

Harper Impulse has incredibly quick turn-arounds, so I only finished writing this book fairly recently. At the moment, there’s nothing I’d change but ask me again in a few years…

What makes The Trouble with Mojitos stand out from the crowd? 

I weave fairy tales and legends into my stories, so there’s a touch of magic to my contemporary romances.

Do you follow a plan when you are writing or do you let the story guide you? 

I usually have a plan when I start and I have an idea of the key scenes I want to include. But once I start writing the characters tend to take over and lead me stray – and I let them. Which is how Kenzie and Rik managed to get themselves lost in a forest…

Why did you start writing? 

I’ve always written little stories for myself, but it was only when someone asked if there was any way I could turn my obsession with Arthurian stories (anything & everything to do with King Arthur, Camelot and the Dark Ages) into money. The only way I could think of was to write my own version of the Arthurian story. I never finished that first attempt, but my next book (a romance) was the first project I ever finished – and I haven’t stopped since!

Who are your favourite authors and do you think they have influenced your own writing in any way? 

My favourite authors of all time are Georgette Heyer and Mary Stewart, but I don’t think they’ve influenced how I write. I love Kelly Hunter’s books – even though they tend to reduce me to a gibbering mess because they’re just so GOOD and will I ever be able to write like that?!

What is the one thing you couldn’t live without? 



Paperback or eBook? 

I’m going 50/50 on this one! I still love the feel of a paperbook in my hands, but I also love that my Kindle carries hundreds of books for wherever my mood takes me.

Hot or cold? 

Definitely hot. Sunshine, beaches… a lovely warm bath filled with bubbles, hot cocoa…

Sweet or savoury? 

Sweet (and preferably chocolate!)

Listener or talker? 

I think I’m a talker. My friends say I’m a listener.

Pen or pencil? 

Pen – but I really had to debate this one!

Any last words for your readers? 

If you’ve read Waking up in Vegas and The Trouble with Mojitos I want to know – are you Team Max or Team Rik?

Thank you so much for being here today Romy, it was a pleasure to have you on my blog. I particularly enjoyed reading about why you started writing!


Now check out the book:


“Turquoise blue waters. Sandy white beaches. Mojitos… Film location scout Kenzie Cole has found herself in paradise. Working in the Caribbean for a week is just what she needs to escape the long line of exes in her closet. Though the last thing she expects is to be picked up at the resort bar by a disgraced former Prince!

Luckily for Kenzie, exile is suiting the man formerly known as Prince Fredrik very well. And it’s not long before his rugged, pirate charm is proving hard to resist.

But Rik’s been spending his time in paradise exorcising demons of his own and he has danger written all over him. If Kenzie was sensible she’d run a mile instead of lose herself to lust – although, they do say sometimes you have to get lost before you can be found….”

The Trouble with Mojitos is published by Harper Impulse, a division of Harper Collins, and is available from the following online retailers:

AmazonAmazon UKBarnes & NobleKoboiTunesAll Romance eBooks


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