A Cinderella Christmas by Holly Kingston – Guest Post

Today I’m delighted to welcome Holly Kingston to Me, My Books and I.  To celebrate the release of Holly’s first novella A Cinderella Christmas we have a fantastic guest post for you – an exclusive interview with one of the characters – Harry Addler, director and co-writer of Cinderella, the pantomime.

But first of all, lets introduce the book:

A Cinderella Christmas by Holly Kingston (1)

“This year’s Cinderella pantomime is the hottest production in town. What’s more, Lucy is starring alongside Ryan Aspall: famous TV actor, sex symbol and potential love of her entire life. One teeny problem – Lucy is tripping the light fantastic as … the back end of the comedy cow. Surely nothing kills a flirty moment quite like wearing a massive set of udders? 

At least she has the support of glamorous (if potentially flammable) Charmaine; a reality star diva of a Cinderella, who Lucy is completely fascinated by. But behind the fame and beauty, Charmaine is not all she seems. 

With more drama off the stage than on it, and everyone wanting to be star of the show, will Lucy find the confidence to make it out of the cow suit and into the spotlight this Christmas?”


Q. So Harry, what made you decide to cast Charmaine Lewis as Cinderella?

A. We wanted a great singer for the part of Cinderella. I wrote most of the songs in the pantomime myself you know. Unfortunately most of the female vocalists we approached were too busy publicising their Christmas single, so we went for Charmaine instead. She’s not bad though. Very pretty girl. If you close your ears and concentrate on her face then she makes for a fabulous Cinderella. Although she’s a bit … how can I put it…high maintenance? We had to get her a dog sitter and a fridge had to be plumbed in to her dressing room.

Q. And what about Ryan Aspall, was he your first choice for Prince Charming?

A, Absolutely! That boy can sing. He also isn’t too trigger happy with the lawyers when things get a little, how can I say, tricky, on stage. He’s got the good sense to call an accident an accident that boy. That’s what I like in a man. The good sense not to sue.

Q. We heard that there was some drama in rehearsals with an ambulance being called for some of the cast? What happened?

A. How did you hear about that? They’re fine. It wasn’t my fault. They should’ve looked where they were going. Idiots. Anyway … no comment until I speak to my lawyers. Next question!

Q. What do you have planned for Christmas Day?

A, Well that’s our one day off. If it were up to me we’d work it, but some of the cast are in a bloody union. I can’t get home on Christmas Day so I’ll probably go to a local hotel with some of the actors for overpriced turkey. If you ask me, some of the guys are a bit over excited about the party. They’re like a bunch of over hormonal teenagers the lot of them.

Q. Will the pantomime be featuring on Charmaine’s new reality show Charmaine: The Beauty Days?

A, Not unless they sign my health and safety disclaimers! That theatre is a death trap. Actually, can I rephrase that please? Thank you. Ahem … the theatre is not a place for people who cannot be responsible for their own actions.

Q. So what’s next for you, Harry?

A. In the Spring I’m working on a musical based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s cats. I’ve called it Dogs. It’s early stages but the lyrics for the songs are great and I’m really excited about the costumes. It’s going to be barkingly brilliant. See what I did there? You see barking … dogs … get-it?

Thanks very much for your time Harry.


You can read more about Harry, and the outrageous goings on in his theatre production, in the brand new novella A Cinderella Christmas by Holly Kingston, available on Amazon now.


HollyKingstonHolly started her life as a child. When she grew substantially taller and learnt how to read she decided that she’d jolly well like to write books. Whilst at college, Holly had a slight change in her career focus and decided to become a marine biologist. On discovering that she sucked at science and that her future job was unlikely to involve monitoring anything larger than sea plankton, Holly went back to the drawing board and got a BSc in Psychology instead. She studied with Scriptwriting North and wrote her first film, along with a number of shorts and a sitcom pilot.

After several years of writing, rewriting, and hiding stuff for posterity on her hard drive, she sent her first novel to The Marsh Agency where she is now represented by Hannah Ferguson. She is currently working on her second full length novel and wondering how to lose the weight she’s put on whilst writing her last book.

You can find out more about Holly Kingston on the Novelicious website, Holly’s website, Twitter or Facebook.


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