Forbidden (Angels Among us #2) by Linn B. Halton


“I’m in a tunnel. It’s dark and yet little rays, like pinpricks of sunshine breaking through foliage, seep towards me from every angle. Too minute to light my path, I wonder if they are really threads drawing me along in case I lose my way. My body is cold and I feel disconnected, as if I’m no longer whole. Alex is calling my name, his voice distant. I want to find my way back to him but I’m being coaxed away, carried on a wave of light within a dark place. Am I dreaming? Will this moment pass and then I’ll simply wake up next to Alex, content in the knowledge that the future stretches out ahead of us?
Fear takes control of my mind. I want to go back. I’m frightened and I don’t want to be in this place. It seems I am incapable of doing anything and the fact that I don’t have a choice is terrifying…”


Ceri thinks she sees angels…everywhere. She struggles to keep separate what feels like two very different sides to her life. As a manager in an advertising company she’s been working with the gorgeous Alex for two years. The have a friendship based upon the image she portrays whilst she’s at work and it helps to keep her sane. One mad, crazy night spent sharing their secrets and a lot of wine result in them ending up in bed together and their relationship changes. When Alex explains that the reason he doesn’t date is because someone broke his heart, how can Ceri admit that she feels a deep connection to him?

Ceri knows she’s different. What she doesn’t fully appreciate is that her task in life is to correct a series of incidents that alter the course of many of the people’s lives with whom she comes into contact. She’s simply putting right little errors that could ripple outwards and change the course of their destiny. However; when she finds herself getting pulled into things that happen around her, how can she prove that she really has made a difference? Is it all in her head?

She’s alone for a reason; she’s not meant to fall in love in her earthly life. Alex is supposed to cross paths with her and help Ceri during a phase where she begins to question the signs she’s being given. It’s meant to be a turning point for them both—but in opposite directions. They are destined to travel very different paths…but Ceri doesn’t know that and neither does Alex…

“No one chooses to see angels, why would they?”

This is a romance story that explores the possibility of there being something more than just the ‘here and now’. If that were the case, how would it work? What keeps us on the path determined for us, when we have free will? How would the spirit world link with us as we go about our lives? Love is a powerful emotion, but can it change the course of someone’s destiny?

Read chapter one of Falling (Angels Among us #1)

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Firstly I’d like to thank the author for sending me this ARC to read and give an honest review.  After reading and thoroughly enjoying Falling (Angels Among Us #1) (review here) I couldn’t wait to read the second instalment of this trilogy!

Forbidden picked up where Falling left off, I was pleased to get an explanation for the events at the end of the previous book and to also discover the reason for Ceri’s ability to see angels.

Ceri had a whole new awareness this time round, she saw the world in a very different light and she knew what she had to do – I was fascinated by her ethereal life.  A telephone call with her brother Seb really got my heart pounding as I certainly wasn’t expecting the exciting revelation that came from it.

Alex’s point of view raised some interesting and unexpected issues, I was keen to see what kind of effect it would have on his relationship with Ceri – I hoped it wouldn’t be bad though.  When he took Ceri on a romantic trip to France I was hooked on the wonderful descriptions of the places they visited – as always with this author, the writing made me feel as though I was experiencing it all too!

Once again I got chills whenever Ceri saw an angel or received a message, one of my favourite moments was when a message came through for a man called Pete – it was very touching and something that stayed in my mind after I had finished reading.

I loved how the spiritual side of the storyline was effortlessly woven in with the romantic side, the two combined beautifully to create an almost calming atmosphere.  The book gave me lots to contemplate (destiny, energies, reincarnation etc) but also included some good old-fashioned secrets and lies to satisfy my dramatic side.  This was where the final scene came in and I have to say it was fantastic – it had such a nail-biting cliffhanger that left me itching to find out where it will lead!

This book was spiritual, romantic and exciting, another superb read from Linn B. Halton!

Forbidden heart small


Forbidden, part two was the most challenging to write in this series, even though three years of research went into looking at theories on how angels might touch this earth. Whether or not you believe in the existence of the life after death, I think more people than care to admit think there is ‘something’ going on. Something that cannot be explained or proven beyond belief and I think that’s the point! If you need cast iron proof then you aren’t ready to open yourself up to the possibilities. What I have found, after years of experiencing psychic incidents and pushing them to one side, is that when you open your mind the proof comes. I feel lucky to have been given a soul mate who was even more sceptical than I was; then honoured that we have been given shared experiences. Freaky at first I will admit, for both of us but another thing that ties us together in a very special way.

Whilst this is a series of romantic novellas with a psychic theme, I have tried to reflect what I actually believe – based upon experience and research – is how it might all work. Kate, from MeMyBooksandI, was one of four beta readers who read the first manuscript and gave me feedback so that I could get the romance/psychic balance just right. I hope that readers will see it for the love story it is, but also wonder ‘what if?’. Ceri and Alex are fighting to stay together. Often in life things threaten to pull a couple apart – sometimes it’s baggage from the past that catches up with us and that’s true too, as Ceri’s journey continues…

Angels Among Us series Ceri small


My bio will tell you that I love walking on the beach – preferably when it’s deserted, or overcast and windy. It’s where I go to think and blow away the cobwebs. Although I’m afraid of deep water because I can’t swim, it holds a fascination for me and I have a connection with it that is cathartic, but explainable.

I live in the small village of Arlingham, on the banks of the River Sever, in the UK. I live with my adorable, and very understanding, husband Lawrence. Without him I wouldn’t be able to write – he keeps me topped up with cups of coffee whenever he’s not at work and pretends it’s normal to be on the computer sixteen hours a day! The other man in the house is Mr Tiggs – a feline with ‘catitude’. As long as there’s an endless supply of tuna, he’s more than happy to sprawl out on the floor next to me whilst I write. He’s ‘No. 4’ in The Quintessential Gemini, although I don’t think he realises I’ve blogged about him too…

I began writing in 2009; I wrote five manuscripts one after another and then Googled ‘what to do with a completed manuscript’ eighteen months later. Naïve? Yes. Fun? Yes! My first book was published in February 2011.

Did I know I would become a writer at some point in my life? Yes, from an early age. I also instinctively knew it would only happen after my two boys had grown up as I sensed once I began writing, I would never want to stop.

Did I know I would write romance with a psychic touch? Romance – yes. Psychic romance? No. It just happened. The reason is that I have so many ‘experiences’ it is now a part of my daily life and to me it’s normal. They say ‘write what you know’ and that’s what I do. I have been totally amazed at the number of readers who get in touch to say that they can connect with some of the incidents included in my stories. For me that ‘contact’ was unexpected and, as writing is a rather solitary pursuit, it’s a welcomed ‘feel-good’ factor for me.

The future? Spending my days with characters I love to create, drinking lots of coffee and counting my blessings that I can finally enjoy this ‘me’ time!


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26 thoughts on “Forbidden (Angels Among us #2) by Linn B. Halton

    1. A MEGA thank you to Kate! This review delights me because it’s exactly what I was hoping a reader would experience – but hardly dared to think I could pull it off! And Mandy Baggot – my role model and mentor … have a fab day ladies – I have a HUGE smile from ear to ear! Lxx


  1. Fabulous review, Kate! I loved book one and am eager to dive into book two! Linn is such an engaging writer and she writes about my three favorite things: romance, psychic phenomena, and cats! Always enjoy hearing a bit about your personal world too, Linn. It reminds me of what a romantic writer’s life should look like!


    1. Thank you, Bonnie – Mr Tiggs sends a miaow to your extended family ha! ha! Well, I’m sitting here in jeans and tee-shirt, hair up in a clip and no make-up – an average day in my life! I did enjoy the Festival of Romance though – now that WAS the lifestyle I’d love to have more frequently but I doubt I’d have the stamina…


  2. Argh, I need more time. Or to be able to read twice as fast (like 120 pages an hour). I’ve yet to read the first in this series, but I know the whole collection will be excellent, going by Linn’s previous books! 🙂 Please keep writing, Linn – I’m trying to catch up, honest! 😉

    Loved your review, Kate, as always. 🙂


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