Jennifer Vessells – Author Interview

Today I’m delighted to welcome Jennifer Vessells to Me, My Books and I:

After practicing law for nearly three years, Jennifer Vessells decided to leave the practice to pursue her dream of being a novelist. After an intensive year and a half of writing, Ms. Vessells is proud to finally present her debut novel to the world – a story that’s been marinating since her early college days.

Passionate about women’s fiction and children’s chapter books, Ms. Vessells plans to enjoy a long writing career. Keep your eye out for more exciting publications from this author in the future!

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Hi Jennifer,

Where did the idea for Life in Plan B come from?

Mostly personal experience, I’d say.  Similar to Haley, the main character, I think a lot of young women struggle with what it means to be successful, especially as it relates to “making it” in a big city.  I have had many friends (including myself) struggle to settle into their Midwest lives, dreaming of what life could have been somewhere else.  I thought a lot of women could relate to the struggles facing Haley throughout the book, and just had to write it!

Who designed the cover and why did you go for that particular design?

I designed it, surprisingly enough (I’m not someone you would consider “artistic”).  I wanted something fun and fresh.  When I fell upon the picture of the shoe sketches on Dreamstine, a free stock photo website, I thought it was perfect.

I really like the cover, it’s definitely fun and fresh!  Which of your characters would you like to meet in person and why?

All of them!  Okay, that answer isn’t fair . . . if I had to pick, I’d say Lindsay.  She seems like the most even-keeled of all the characters, and her loyalty is something we all desire in a friend.

What do you hope readers will learn from Life in Plan B?

I want this book to motivate readers to appreciate their relationships – mostly the ones they hold with their family and friends.  At the end of the day, we all want a good romance – a partner who will hold us and love us unconditionally.  But sometimes, in the midst of looking for that perfect someone, we forget how special our friends and family members truly are.

What makes Life in Plan B stand out from the crowd?

A lot of chick lit novels follow main characters in the ‘big city’ – New York, London, Paris, etc.  My novel focuses on a woman who always dreamed of life in the big metropolis, but never really ‘made it’ there.  Therefore, I think the book’s main character, Haley, is more relatable to the everyday woman.

Why did you choose to write in your particular genre?

I love all genres.  I love Jane Austen novels, the Harry Potter series, Stephen King thrillers, you-name-it.  However, when I’m feeling down and in need for a quick pick-me-up – something that will make me feel good at the end of it – I read chick lit.  I wanted to write something fun that women can take to the beach or read in bed with a smile on their face.

Where is your favourite place to write?

A cafe two blocks down the street from me in Columbus, Ohio, called Cafe Apropos.  If I make it out of my house on a writing day (which, let’s be honest, doesn’t happen as often as I’d like), I go to the cafe.  It has great food, but mostly it’s close and keeps me away from distractions!

Do you have any amusing writing stories to share with us?

Oh, yes!  In April 2012, I quit my job as a litigation attorney to devote myself to writing full-time.  My husband, Michael, has been a staunch supporter throughout this crazy (and penniless) process, encouraging me every step of the way.  With that being said, he isn’t a big reader.  In fact, I think I’ve seen him read two or three books in the last year, all of which were non-fiction books about business leadership assigned to him by his employer.  Therefore, when I finished the first draft of my book and asked him to read it, I knew that he not only wasn’t a big reader, but that chick lit wasn’t exactly his genre of choice.

Anyway, after he read the first chapter, he let out a big sigh and didn’t say much.  Not really wanting to know the answer, I asked him what he thought.  He shrugged, pasted a smile on his face, and told me I was a talented writer.  I nodded, realizing it wasn’t his cup of tea, and told him I understood.  I think my exact words were:  “Michael, I totally get it.  This isn’t a genre you would normally read unless someone put a bullet to your head.”Grinning, he looked at me and replied:  “I think I’d rather take the bullet.”  Haha – how’s that for a first review!?

Who is the most interesting person you’ve ever met?

This is a very hard question!  I have many friends whose interests and accomplishments are nothing short of unique and noteworthy.  BUT, if you’re forcing me to pick one, I think I’d have to choose my mentor’s husband, Jon.  Jon is an equity partner at a large law firm in Ohio, but has broken the overworked-lawyer mold to take hiatuses throughout his career.  His life’s focus is to experience the world’s history through travel – something you don’t often hear of an American.  When you share a meal with Jon, he can tell you every detail of every trip, no matter how long ago he was there.  I can listen to him talk about his experiences for hours without speaking – and that’s saying something because I love to talk!


Paperback or eBook?

Paperback.  There’s just something about holding a book in your hands…

Morning or night?


Heels or flats?

Heels in theory.  Flats in reality.

Milk, white or dark chocolate?

Milk chocolate.

Snow or sun?

SUN!  I despise winter.

Thank you so much for being here today Jennifer, it was a pleasure to have you on my blog. I particularly enjoyed reading about your husband’s reaction to your book – My husband would be exactly the same! 🙂


Now check out the book:


“When twenty-eight year old Haley Simpson, a sales associate for her best friend’s clothing boutique in Columbus, Ohio, begins a secret affair with the boutique’s potential New York City business partner, she digs a cavernous hole of deception that not only threatens to end her blossoming career, but to destroy a life-long friendship. 

Jennifer Vessells’s debut novel, LIFE IN PLAN B, encompasses everything classic chick lit should: the dynamics of friendship, the nuances of high-reaching career aspirations, and the struggles – both usual and unique – presented by romantic and familial relationships. An entertaining story at every turn, LIFE IN PLAN B is identifiable for readers of any age. In short, Ms. Vessells hits her debut novel out of the park!”

Life in Plan B can be purchased from: Paperback | Kindle Edition Paperback | Kindle Edition


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