Everybody’s Got a Story by Heather Wardell

everybodys got a story“Both personally and professionally, Alexa knows all too well the power of words. Two years after her boyfriend Christophe’s vicious attack, she’s still trying to see herself as more than simply ‘his victim’, still trying to figure out her own story. 

After his trial, she moves from New York City to Toronto in an attempt to start over, but his words cling to her and even in a new country she can’t see how to move into relationships with the new people in her life while hiding the secret of Christophe’s worst offense. 

She can’t hide that secret from her coworker Jake, though, because the news buff has recognized her from the coverage of the assault and trial and knows every word she can’t bring herself to say about her ordeal. 

With Jake’s help, can Alexa reclaim her story and her life?”

Firstly I’d like to thank the author for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review.  I have previously read and enjoyed other books by Heather Wardell, you can find my reviews here.

The first few pages gave me a good idea of just what Alexa’s ex had done to her and it was then that I realised this book would contain some hard-hitting stuff!  I admit that there were some details which I found difficult to read but I definitely felt that they were essential to the storyline because it enabled me to fully understand Alexa.  I felt incredibly sad for her after the trial so I was keen to see how her fresh start in Toronto would pan out.

Jake was a character from a previous Heather Wardell book Blank Slate Kate (my review here) and I was pleased to see him back because he was really likeable.  He revealed something to Alexa quite early on that shocked and unsettled her, I wasn’t sure if it would affect their friendship so this was something I kept a close eye on.

Alexa’s new workplace threw up some difficulties for her, not only with the job itself but also with certain colleagues who didn’t behave very well towards her.  I admired the way she handled these situations and continued to slowly build herself back up after such an unimaginable horror.  One of the decisions she made shocked me but also made me curious to see where it would get her.

The addition of Stella the rescue cat was wonderful, it was another way to explain Alexa’s feelings and one that I, as an animal lover, found easier to understand.  Their friendship was built gradually, in my opinion this made it believable and showed just how deeply they had both been hurt.  Trust was a big factor in this book, it was woven into everything Alexa (and Stella) did and created some thought-provoking scenarios in my mind.

The author has a way of pulling you into the storyline so that you are unable to stop reading, this was definitely the case with me and I finished the book in no time at all.

This was a fascinating and touching book that I just couldn’t put down.  Another hit from Heather Wardell!

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