Night Witches – L. J. Adlington

Night witches

Rain Aranoza is a teenage bomber-pilot from Rodina, a nation of science and fact ruled by the all knowing Aura, where the belief in witches or any type of superstition is outlawed. Rain’s regiment is made up of only teenage girls and their role is vital to the war effort against the Crux, a nation of faith and belief, where nature and God are celebrated and worshipped.

But Rain is struggling with another battle. She’s always had a sense that her nature is different from everyone else’s, and that a dormant power threatens to burst out of her.

When she encounters a young Scrutiner she falls in love with him, but is torn between what she has been taught is right, and what feels right. As her understanding of her latent power grows, the enemy threatens both her friends and her love. She can no longer ignore the power but she must choose how she uses it …
But what will she lose in the process?”

Firstly I’d like to thank Hachette for sending me this book to read and give an honest review.  I was so intrigued by the blurb, it sounded different to anything I’ve read before and I was very much looking forward to getting started.

The first few pages were exciting and grabbed my attention quickly.  There were mentions of ‘Aura’ which was something I didn’t understand at that point but as the story progressed all became clear. Rain’s world seemed rather strange to me but I must say that I really enjoyed learning all about the different nations and their customs.

Rain, her cousin Zoya and a group of other youngsters were called in to help in a war among the different nations and they found themselves in danger on more than one occasion, their bravery was inspiring and captivated me entirely. The whole teenage bomber-pilot thing was awesome and it was made even better by adding a touch of witchcraft to the equation, I just loved this combination.

The author successfully held my interest throughout with an intense atmosphere and a sprinkling of magic.  A touch of romance softened some of the intensity and in my opinion made this book nicely well-rounded.

This was an action-packed and fast-paced read that gripped me from start to finish.


L. J. Adlington is a writer, actress and costume historian. She lives in the north of England with a cat the size of a small armchair. She loves climbing volcanoes, watching crime dramas and reading fairy-tales. She is very good at eating chocolate. Her novels for teenagers weave together past, present, future and fantasy. Her latest novel Night Witches is set on a war-torn world, with a darkly complex and powerful heroine.

To find out more:

Website | Amazon | Goodreads

Night Witches is published by Hodder Children’s Books and can be purchased from The Book DepositoryAmazon or from most good book retailers.


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