Sophie & Carter – Chelsea Fine

Sophie and Carter

“Next-door neighbors Sophie Hartman and Carter Jax grow up witnessing the shameful secrets of each of their families and, amidst the heartache, form an unspoken bond of friendship.  But events during their senior year of high school will change both of them forever.  As their lives unravel, Sophie and Carter rely on one another for strength, encouragement and hope…and begin to realize their feelings for each other might just be deeper than friendship….”

I absolutely loved Chelsea Fine’s The Archers of Avalon trilogy (my reviews of these can be found here) and I was keen to read more from her so I couldn’t resist buying this eBook novella.

The authors familiar, fun writing style shone through straight away as I was introduced to Sophie and her inner thoughts which were mainly about Carter at that point.  When she ran into him at school I was captivated by their chemistry, I could almost feel their sparks jumping off the page at me!

I was hooked on the complicated yet simple dynamics of their friendship – their lives were entwined in so many ways but around other people they pretended that they didn’t know one another.  There was an air of sadness whenever they talked about their home lives and I couldn’t even begin to imagine what they had been through.  When it was revealed, my heart broke for them and my maternal instincts made me want to reach into the book and give them a hug.

Although this was a quick read it had a big impact, I felt extremely protective of these characters in a very short space of time and part of me wishes that it had been longer.  The story ended with a scene of hope and I got the feeling that there would be more to come, I would love to hear more from Sophie and Carter in the future.

This was a powerful yet sweet tale of love that I was completely unable to put down.

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