A Touch of Summer – Evie Hunter

A touch of summer

To protect….. and serve
Bodyguard Flynn Grant has problems keeping his hands of his latest client – wayward airline heiress Summer O’Sullivan. She’s already tried to seduce him, but he doesn’t mix business with pleasure. After spending a week with her in a remote Scottish safe house, Flynn is in danger of changing his mind. 
He’s already chopped enough wood for several winters and he badly needs to let off some steam before the sizzling sexual chemistry between them catches fire. An injured team-mate provides the solution. Flynn and Summer are invited to attend some very special highland games.
Just how much trouble can Summer get into, surrounded by the most elite operatives in the body-guarding world? Flynn is about to find out, when they embark on a highland fling.”

I got this eBook novella when it was available as a free download from Amazon (current price 77p).  I have read and enjoyed other books by Evie Hunter (reviews here) so I was looking forward to this one.

A Touch of Summer is set in the middle of The Pleasures of Summer during Flynn and Summer’s time at the croft.  They took a trip further north to an island for some kind of military competition which meant that Summer was surrounded by soldiers (not a bad thing in my opinion ;)).  Flynn, however, began to regret his decision pretty much as soon as they arrived – I loved his jealousy, it was great to read and created some very heated moments between the two of them.

I really enjoyed this extra glimpse into Flynn and Summer’s relationship, I think it would be a good little taster for the main book but I would recommend reading The Pleasures of Summer first purely because it gives you the full back story.  I feel that having the knowledge of what went on before this made it easier to connect to the characters in this one.

Warning: this book contained strong language and sexual scenes so if you are likely to be offended by this then it probably isn’t a book for you.

This was a quick, sexy read that filled the gap before The Pleasures of Autumn which is due for release in October 2013!

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Evie Hunter is actually two authors Caroline McCall and Eileen Gormley who met at a creative writing workshop in 2010.  On discovering that they shared a passion for erotic fiction, they became the best of friends.  In early 2012 they got a chance to co-write a series of erotic novellas for an online publisher. When they completed the second one without killing each other, they decided to take on something bigger.  Eventually, they emerged into daylight, clutching The Pleasures of Winter, saying ‘never again’. Thankfully they soon forgot the agony and The Pleasures of Summer is the result of their second marathon writing adventure.

To find out more:

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