The Hole in The Middle – Kate Hilton

“Sophie Whelan has it all – including a hideous boss, a distracted husband, daycare woes, problem employees and a 40th birthday on the horizon. Precariously close to slipping off of the treadmill that is her daily grind, Sophie is startled by the reappearance of Will Shannon, the great unresolved love of her life. Thrown back into the vivid drama of their college romance, Sophie confronts the choices she has made in life and in love and looks for the one answer that has always eluded her: what does she really want?”

I got this eBook when it was available as a free download from Amazon (current price £3.38).

It took a little while to fully grab my attention but by the end I was definitely hooked on the storyline.  It began with a holiday season letter/email, I thought this was a good way to introduce the main character without an overload of information – it made it more interesting.  The prologue indicated heartbreak in Sophie’s past and I found myself trying to guess how it all went down.

The main focus of this book was how Sophie managed her family life and her work life, something that many woman will be able to relate to.  I laughed and nodded my head in recognition at some of the ways Sophie’s husband Jesse annoyed her.  I also found myself agreeing with some of her mothering worries, this was a story that tackled feelings a lot of us are afraid to admit to.

The flashbacks to her younger days were one of my favourite parts, I enjoyed putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and the contrast between her past and present was fascinating.

The supporting characters were also interesting: Lil was a wonderful character who I found very easy to visualise.  Geoff was fun although as the storyline progressed he did annoy me a little, this will make sense once you read it.  Will was mysterious and I felt sad that I never really got to know what was going through his mind and Jesse started off with a negative impression but kind of grew on me the further I read.

There were lots of laugh out loud moments but what surprised me were the tearful moments – when I picked this book up I really didn’t imagine that I would cry over it!

This was an enjoyable read with many real-life issues that were written in a fun way to make you smile.

To find out more about Kate Hilton:

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