How Not to be Starstruck by Portia MacIntosh



“If you spend your impressionable teenage years with rockstars their bad behaviour is bound to rub off on you – that’s what happened to music journalist Nicole Wilde and now she’s struggling with her world vs. the “real world”. As hard as she tries to be normal she is living by a different set of rules – band rules. Relationships are fast, fleeting and always newsworthy, friends are those people you see on the road, on stage and on TV and love, marriage and babies are just things that happen to other people… boring people.

Nicole’s glamorous and exciting world starts getting messy when the lives of those around her start going wrong. Her rockstar best friend Dylan (one of the most famous/sexually active men in the country) knocks up a one-night-stand and decides to do the honourable thing and marry her, her newly-famous “one that got away” lets his new status go to his head which affects their relationship, and Nicole finds herself having feelings for Dylan’s dashing but normal publicist.

When secrets that only Nicole knows start appearing in the tabloids she has to try and work out where the leak is coming from, and when she is caught in a compromising position with newly married Dylan, Nicole finds out what it’s like to be on the receiving end of bad press.”

I got this eBook when it was available as a free download from Amazon, I really enjoyed the novelette Between a Rockstar and a Hard Place (review here) by the same author so I was very much looking forward to reading this.

I enjoyed learning about Nicole’s life, she described herself as a professional hanger-on and all she really wanted from life was to have fun – I liked her for this and felt that she was the kind of girl I could be friends with in the real world.  Her career as an editor for an online magazine was the perfect way to keep in contact with the bands she already knew and the bands she wanted to meet!

I absolutely loved Nicole’s friendship with Dylan and once again I was captivated by the idea of being a rock star’s best friend.  Dylan was a character who continuously made me laugh with his actions, particularly when alcohol and ladies were involved.

I found myself hooked on Nicole’s love life, it was complicated, unpredictable and I just couldn’t figure out which guy she would or should choose.  At the end of the book it did seem like she had made a choice but I got the feeling that there would be more to come or maybe I should say that I hope there is more to come (hint hint Portia ;)).

The storyline gave me a fascinating insight into the world of groupies, bands and touring, I was amazed by some of the goings on and I think this was one of the reasons that I enjoyed it so much.  The impact that the press/paparazzi had on the bands lives was another interesting factor, seeing it from their side was certainly an eye-opener!

One of my favourite moments was a TV show towards the end, it was hilarious and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud as I pictured the scene.  As with the previous book I liked the conversational writing style that made me feel like I was chatting to Nicole, it made me feel part of the story and this is something I always enjoy when I’m reading.

This was a real page-turner, if you enjoy reading about rock stars/bands then it’s definitely one for you!

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