Between a Rockstar and a Hard Place – Portia MacIntosh


“They say when you can’t find something the first thing you should do is look for it in the last place you remember seeing it – but what if the thing you have lost is a super-famous rockstar, and the last place you saw him was on stage performing some of his greatest hits in front of 50,000 screaming fans?

Dylan King is best known for being the lead singer in The Burnouts. He is less known for being journalist Nicole Wilde’s best friend. When their schedules see them working at the same outdoor music event it isn’t long before Nicole is taking on her usual extra responsibilities – making sure Dylan behaves, carries condoms, has at least a little blood in his alcohol stream, oh, and attempting to track him down when he vanishes into thin air after the show.

With his record label on the brink of dropping him for being a liability, Nicole has just 24 hours to try and find Dylan, following him from girl to girl all around the strange little town where they are staying.”

I got this eBook novelette when it was available as a free download from Amazon, I had been chatting to the author on Twitter and loved the sound of her books so I was looking forward to getting started.

It began with a quick introduction of Nicole’s friendship with Dylan, I loved the idea of being best friends with a rock star (yes I know they’re only human and they have best friends too but still – what a cool thought)!  From what I could tell, Nicole really had her work cut out trying to keep him on track, this was made even more obvious when he went missing and Nicole hinted that she often had to find him when he disappeared.

I laughed out loud at some of the crazy things that happened as I followed Nicole on her mission to find the drunk, womanising rock star.  Unfortunately for Nicole he always seemed to be one step ahead of her.  Things got even more interesting when another celebrity joined in the hunt for Dylan, although he did seem to have an ulterior motive!

I really liked the authors writing style, it felt like I was having a chat with an old friend – it was all very natural and easy to read.

This book totally got my imagination going and I found myself in a wonderful daydream about being best friends with my favourite rock star (okay so maybe not rock star, more like boyband member but never mind, you get my point :)).

This quick to read eBook was entertaining, light-hearted and fun, I look forward to reading more about Nicole and Dylan in Starstruck.

To find out more about Portia MacIntosh:

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