The Dark Glamour – Gabriella Pierce

The dark glamour

Welcome to New York City, where the socialites are witches.

Jane Boyle thought she’d met the man of her dreams. But it’s hard to live happily ever after when you realise your new mother-in-law is literally a witch, determined to steal the magical powers you didn’t even know you had. When Jane discovers that the man she fell in love with is a mere pawn in her mother-in-laws cunning plan, she flees. Now Jane is alone and on the run, hiding out in Manhattan. But Jane can’t hide forever… 

One magical Park Avenue makeover later and Jane is ready to settle the score with her witch of a mother-in-law. In her new guise as Ella the Brazilian beauty, Jane meets the devilishly handsome André. The magical blood that teems through her veins draws her inexplicably towards this mysterious man. But is André all he seems? And can Jane make it into the witches’ den to overthrow the most evil of witches?”

I bought this for my Kindle after reading and enjoying the first book in the series 666 Park Avenue (review here).  After the crazy events at the end of the previous book I couldn’t wait to find out what was in store for Jane this time!

At the beginning Jane was still in hiding, she didn’t really have much of a plan at this point and I was keen to find out what she would decide to do.  She needed to learn more about her magic and it was when she re-acquainted herself with her friend Dee that she finally saw a way out.  What they discovered was shocking (I actually gasped out loud) and she soon found herself in more dangerous and magically intriguing situations – I held my breath a lot whilst reading this book.

I had been hoping to see Harris again in this book and I’m pleased to say that he was included, unfortunately it wasn’t in the way that I’d hoped but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the next book 🙂  The mysterious and sexy André was a great addition to the story but he was also a difficult character to judge, my opinion of him changed throughout – I just couldn’t figure out what he was up to.

Once again there was lots of action and I was hooked by every twist and turn, I just couldn’t stop reading and finished the book in a day.  I was particularly captivated towards the end when a rush of revelations forced me to rethink many of my predictions!

This was another fantastic read from this series, I can’t wait for the next one!

The Dark Glamour is available to buy now from Amazon UK:

Paperback | Kindle Edition


2 thoughts on “The Dark Glamour – Gabriella Pierce

  1. I loved this too Kate. I did record and watch the TV series, even though it didn’t bear much resemblance to the books … I loved it (lots of my friends couldn’t watch it!)

    Fab review.


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