The Fallen Stars – Stephanie Keyes – Blog Tour Including Giveaway


Fallen Stars Book Tour

The Fallen Stars by Stephanie Keyes

The Fallen Stars (The Star Child #2)

by Stephanie Keyes

“When all is lost, he will have to make the ultimate decision.

Kellen St. James was just your average seventeen-year-old prodigy, until he eighty-sixed the Lord of Faerie and proposed to the Celtic Goddess, Calienta. But then everything in Kellen’s life gets turned upside-down when he and Cali end up on the run from a seriously irritated group of faeries. The worst part? They have zero idea why they’re being hunted.

Suddenly, Kellen is stuck in the middle of another prophecy that foresees him turning away from Calienta and embracing the dark. He’ll be forced to take sides in a struggle to claim his birthright, while discovering secrets about his father’s past. Meanwhile, his passion for Cali grows stronger, even as the prophecy threatens to tear them apart.

In the end, will Kellen and Cali survive the fates? When the ultimate power is within reach, which side will he choose?”

Paperback, 530 pages| Expected publication: April 12th 2013 by Inkspell Publishing

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My Review

Firstly I’d like to thank the author for sending me an e-copy of this book and Fiction Addiction Book Tours for allowing me to be part of this brilliant tour!

I really enjoyed The Star Child (you can read my review here) and as always I felt a little bit concerned that the second book might not live up to my expectations – clearly I shouldn’t have worried because somehow The Fallen Stars managed to exceed all my expectations, it was fantastic!

The prologue hinted at more trouble for Kellen and Calienta, I was excited to see where this would take them so I quickly moved on to the first chapter and it seemed that there was a wedding about to take place.  This was a lovely way to start the story but when it suddenly turned into a dangerous situation I knew that the adventure had begun!  In no time at all I fell back into the storyline aided by gentle reminders of what had happened previously.

This time the story was predominantly set in the real world with the young couple, and Kellen’s friend Gabe, on the run and afraid of what the future held.  With the second part of the prophecy hanging over their heads and magic weaving through their every move, they attempted to go into hiding.

There was lots of tension, firstly between Kellen and Gabe (something that intrigued me immensely) and also between Kellen and Calienta (but that was a different kind of tension altogether).  Their relationship was much more intense this time and so wonderfully written to be exciting yet complex – this author really knows how to write a good kissing scene so watch out for those!  The introduction of William complicated everything further and this was a twist that I particularly enjoyed.

Throughout the book the subject of trust was highlighted, Kellen and Calienta just didn’t know who to trust and I have to admit that I struggled with this too – I’m normally quite good at guessing who the bad guys are but I was stumped.

Towards the end I was pleased to discover lots of interesting new facts about Kellen, some of which were rather surprising.  It led nicely to the ending which totally left me wanting more and hints at an amazing adventure in the next book – I can’t wait!!

This was a compelling and imaginative read that reeled me in and wouldn’t let go.  Another hit for Stephanie Keyes 🙂

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steph17mAbout the Author

Stephanie Keyes has been addicted to Fantasy since she discovered T.H. White as a child and started drumming up incredible journeys in her head. When she’s not writing, Stephanie is also a graphic designer, international speaker, teacher, musician, avid reader, and Mom to two little boys who constantly keep her on her toes. In addition, she’s best friend to her incredible husband of eleven years. Keyes is the author of the YA Fantasy series, The Star Child, which currently includes The Star Child (September 2012) and The Fallen Stars (April 2013), both released by Inkspell Publishing. She is currently hard at work on the third book in the trilogy, The Star Catcher. (Author photo courtesy of Kristina Serafini Photography)


17 thoughts on “The Fallen Stars – Stephanie Keyes – Blog Tour Including Giveaway

  1. Kate,
    First, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to read and review The Fallen Stars. Your TBR list has to be huge!

    Second, thank you for such a wonderful review. I’m so excited to hear that The Fallen Stars reeled you in. I’m also relieved that I hit the mark with the kissing scenes, which I really hoped to do! Yay!

    I’m so pleased you could take part in the tour.


  2. i haven’t read The Star Child yet. It sounds really good series. Kellen and Calienta seem great characters. I really want to learn more about them.
    Thank you for the chance (all prizes are amazing) !


    1. Thanks Sheryl Browne! I KNOW! That was one of my favorite parts. I’m so excited about the kissing scene part, too. 🙂


  3. I would love to win, I love signed work and I love to read. I only have time if I am in the bath or on the train!


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