Security – Mandy Baggot – Blog Tour Including Giveaways

Today I’m excited to be taking part in the blog tour for Security by Mandy Baggot.  Thank you to Fiction Addiction Book Tours for sending me the ARC.  My reviews of Mandy’s previous books can be found here and you can find out where the book tour is heading next by clicking here.


“Autumn Raine is a pop vocalist at the very top of her game. She’s a style icon, the paparazzi’s darling and everyone wants to be her friend. But when her safety is threatened, her whole life starts to unravel.

Enter Nathan Regan, an ex-elite soldier who is assigned to protect her. He’s a good man doing bad things but what drives him? Passion? Madness? Or grief? Demons from his past are threatening to consume him. Can he win the fight alone or will he have to admit he needs help?

As the threat deepens, Autumn starts to find out who she really needs in her life. Is there still room for personal assistant Janey or rapper boyfriend Rockweiler? When everyone around her is feeding her lies, how does she work out the truth? Does her record producer know more than he’s letting on? What is her mother, the British Foreign Secretary’s involvement in the situation? And can Autumn put her faith in a forty-something Jamaican woman who handles an automatic weapon as expertly as she cooks?

Eluding kidnap and trying to stay alive, can Autumn find the strength to be the person she longs to be? And can two people, poles apart, forge something strong enough to survive anything?”

Wow, I really loved this book!  It is definitely my new favourite from this author because it just had everything I could want in a book.

I quickly got a good sense of Autumn’s crazy celebrity lifestyle and I have to admit that I felt quite sorry for her, I would hate to have my life so planned out for me!  She seemed very unhappy particularly about meeting her mother and I soon saw why – meeting her mother was an experience let me tell you, she was the British Foreign Secretary and certainly a force to be reckoned with!

Along came Nathan Regan with his confrontational attitude, sizzling good looks and cool demeanor.  I found this whole scene to be rather amusing, particularly Autumn’s reaction to him, and already I could see that I would enjoy their time together.  Nathan was the perfect leading male character and so easy to fall in love with – protective, sexy and manly but with a deep sensitive side that was just crying out to be set free.  The story bounced back and forth from Autumn’s perspective to Nathan’s and I loved this because it gave even more of an insight into his personality.

The whole book was one giant adventure that had me laughing, crying and even biting my nails in fear for the characters.  Autumn learned many shocking truths about the people in her life and whilst she was coming to terms with all of this, I was busy trying to figure out who was responsible for the danger she was in.

The romantic side of the book was wonderful and ticked all the boxes for me, my favourite moment being a red carpet walk that made my tummy flip – I hadn’t even seen it coming!

When things got really dangerous I was scared for those involved and this was when my nails took a beating, it was so action-packed that I think I may have stopped breathing at one point.  Towards the end I wasn’t sure what to think, I couldn’t decide whether the twist was the twist, or if there was yet another twist to come (yes I know this sounds confusing but I promise you will understand when you’ve read the book :)).

The authors writing was comfortable and familiar to me and this is why I always look forward to reading Mandy’s books, I flew through the pages as I devoured this brilliant story in less than a day.

With excitement at every turn, Security was an emotional rollercoaster that I just couldn’t put down!

Security is available to buy in the following formats:

Amazon UK (Kindle Edition) | Amazon UK (Paperback) | Amazon US (Kindle Edition) | Amazon US (Paperback)


Mandy Baggot brings you award-winning fiction! In 2012 she won the coveted Innovation in Romantic Fiction award at the UK’s Festival of Romance. Her novel Strings Attached was also short listed for Best Author Published Read!

Mandy writes strong contemporary romance and characters you’ll fall in love with. Previously self-published, she was signed by US publishing house Sapphire Star Publishing in January 2012. Shortly afterwards she became a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

Mandy is a self-confessed Twitter addict who also likes to show off her singing talents on You Tube – check out Lady Gaga! She has auditioned for X Factor, appeared on ITV1s Who Dares Sings and longs to duet with Bryan Adams. She also has a fondness for white wine, mashed potato, country music and World’s Strongest Man.

Mandy lives near Salisbury in Wiltshire, UK with her husband, two daughters and two cats called Kravitz and Springsteen.

To find out more about Mandy Baggot click on the following links:

Website | Twitter | Goodreads 


As part of the book tour my readers have the chance to win their very own e-copy of this fantastic book, just follow the link below:

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Mandy is also doing an extra giveaway.  Anyone who posts a review on Amazon up until the end of May can enter into the Rafflecopter draw to win a £25/$40 Amazon gift certificate.  Again, just follow the link below:

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Good luck!


13 thoughts on “Security – Mandy Baggot – Blog Tour Including Giveaways

  1. Kate, I had a similar response. It’s a wonderful read. Thank you for taking the time to give us your perspective on this read. Mandy, another wonderful review for Security!


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