Me and Mr Darcy – Alexandra Potter

Me and Mr Darcy

“After a string of disastrous relationships, Emily Albright has had it with modern men.

She’d rather curl up with Pride and Prejudice and step into a time where men were honourable and strode across fields in breeches, their damp shirts clinging to their chests.  The men she meets are more into pleated trousers, two-timing and internet porn.

So when her best friend invites her to Mexico for a week of margaritas and manhunting, Emily books a guided tour of Jane Austen country instead.

There are no dream men here.  The coach is full of pensioners, apart from on Spike Hargreaves, a foul-tempered journalist writing a piece on why most women would love to date Mr Darcy.

But then she walks into a room and finds herself face-to-face with Darcy himself.  And every woman’s fantasy suddenly becomes one woman’s reality…”

I love Alexandra Potter books (reviews here) so I couldn’t resist picking this one up while I was out on a shopping trip.

Emily had a bit of a disastrous dating history, at the start of the book she was on yet another terrible date and I found myself laughing out loud at the authors familiar, witty writing.  Unfortunately it seemed to take me a while to feel completely involved with this book, to begin with I found that I was easily distracted when reading and that is something that doesn’t happen often to me.  However, once Emily got to England and began the Jane Austen tour my interest picked up quite rapidly, particularly when she met the grumpy journalist Spike.  He had been sent on the tour as an assignment and he didn’t seem to be too pleased about it, this angered Emily and I have to admit that I enjoyed the hostility between the two characters.

As Emily’s English adventure continued she found herself in all sorts of unusual situations and it was these situations that began to make her view life in a different way.  The tour only lasted a week but what a difference that week made to Emily’s life!  The main turning point was when she received a revealing email which made her think that maybe she had completely misjudged a certain person from the tour.

All of the supporting characters were interesting in their own right and I enjoyed reading about them as much as I did the main characters.  Some of my favourite moments from the book included: Emily’s first Mr Darcy encounter, a drunken evening in the pub, the regency ball and my particular favourite was Spike’s finished article on Mr Darcy at the end of the book.

This was a fun read which had a hint of magic in the air, it was not my favourite book by this author but I loved the idea and I think it would be a big hit with fans of Mr Darcy/Jane Austen.

Me and Mr Darcy can be purchased from The Book DepositoryAmazon or from most good book retailers.

To find out more about Alexandra Potter visit her website here.


2 thoughts on “Me and Mr Darcy – Alexandra Potter

  1. Hmm, I will check out the book after reading your review 🙂 I especially like where you say the book has a ‘hint of magic in the air’ 🙂 Which of this authors books would be your favourite?


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