Pink Wellies and Flat Caps – Lynda Renham

Pink Wellies and Flat Caps

“Alice Lane has everything; a wonderful fiancé, a responsible job and a lovely flat in Chelsea, but after she has a bra fitting her life goes tits up.

Homeless, and with just a sparkling engagement ring as a memory of her previous life Alice accepts a live-in farm managers job and discovers that things actually can get worse.

Come with Alice as she makes her hilarious career change and struggles to cope with her moody employer, Edward. But can Alice turn her back on romance and resist the dashing Dominic or will the past come back to surprise her?”

Firstly I’d like to thank Raucous Publishing for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review.  I previously read and loved Coconuts and Wonderbras by the same author and you can find my review of this here.  Like the previous book this had a witty and intriguing title, when I read the blurb I just knew that I would find the book interesting because of my own farming experience (I won’t go into details of that entertaining time of my life though!).

The very first sentence had me laughing out loud and that is always a good way to start a book in my opinion.  Alice was humorously shopping for bras with her friend Georgie when she received a shocking text that was set to change her life dramatically.  Her move to Cornwall was another big shock to her system – it was very different to her life in London and I found her reactions to the adjustment extremely funny!

I loved the feisty banter between Alice and Edward, they were really comical whenever they were sniping at each other.  Alice was a fantastic character who had the tendency to let her imagination run away with her and I simply loved how dramatic she was, her London friends were just as funny especially when the three of them got together – I couldn’t stop giggling at their antics.

About halfway through I was surprised to find an incredibly sad moment, I went from laughing out loud to crying buckets in just a few pages – having been through something similar this sad episode definitely touched a nerve with me.  When the story first switched to another point of view I was surprised by what was revealed and had a feeling that it would seriously complicate Alice’s new life.

There were so many fantastic parts to this book but some of my favourites included: a hilarious job interview, an outburst in the cowshed, a fun visit from Alice’s friends and a rescue mission towards the end which was highly entertaining!

This author has such a naturally fun style of writing which makes it so easy to read her books, I really struggled to put the book down and felt like I was actually part of the story – I didn’t want it to end.

This was another fantastic read from Lynda Renham, if you are looking for a book with lots of laughs then I would definitely recommend Pink Wellies and Flat Caps (even the title makes me smile :)).

Pink Wellies and Flat Caps is available now from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

To find out more about Lynda Renham you can visit her blog, follow her on Twitter or like her Facebook page.


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