Don’t You Forget About Me – Alexandra Potter

Don't you forget about me

“After a bad break up, doesn’t every girl want the same things?

For her ex-boyfriend to stay single forever…

Or maybe emigrate, to a remote, uninhabited island?

Better still, that she’d never met him in the first place!

But what if one of those wishes came true?

Tess is heartbroken when Seb breaks up with her and can’t help blaming herself.  If only she’d done things differently.  If only she could make right all her regrets… But she can’t.  It’s over.  She has to forget about him.  Drunk and upset on New Year’s Eve, she wishes she’d never met him.

But when she wakes up to discover this dream has come true, she realises she has a chance.  To do it all over again.  And, this time, to get it right…”

Having read and enjoyed other books by this author (reviews here) I was really looking forward to this one.  I loved the whole idea of Tess changing her actions to try to eradicate her regrets, I knew it would make for interesting reading.

The book began on New Years Eve so the fact that I started reading it on that date was perfect!  Tess was apparently still upset over her break up from sexy American Seb and when it came to midnight she made a wish that she had never met him.  This was the part that I was most looking forward to, I couldn’t wait to see how her actions would differ from the first time around.

As with the other books by this author I did lots of laughing, there were many funny moments but a few stick out in my head – a fake sweat disaster, the after effects of spicy food and a military fitness class are all events in this book that you should look out for.  Whenever Tess visited her Gramps in the nursing home I couldn’t help but smile and I felt that this was a nice touch for the book as it gave it more of a family feel.

I was surprised to find myself getting annoyed with Tess as the book progressed, it seemed that she was trying to be someone completely different and I couldn’t see why she would change her life just for Seb (who was also seriously getting on my nerves with his selfish ways).  Saying that, I did find it interesting to see how she reacted to things with the power of hindsight under her belt.

Even though I guessed quite early on how this would end, I still enjoyed the journey to get there and I think that it sent out a good message – you should always be yourself!

This was an enjoyable book, not my favourite by this author but it was definitely a fun read.

Don’t You Forget About Me can be purchased from The Book DepositoryAmazon or from most good book retailers.

To find out more about Alexandra Potter visit her website.


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