Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter – Nikki Jefford

Aurora Sky Vampire Hunter

“If there is one thing eighteen-year-old Aurora Sky wants, it’s to get off the iceberg she calls home. Being kissed before she graduates wouldn’t hurt either.

Then a near-fatal car wreck changes everything. Government agents step in and save Aurora’s life in exchange for her services as a vampire hunter. In Alaska. Basically she’s a glorified chew toy. All thanks to her rare blood type, which sends a vampire into temporary paralysis before she has to finish the job…by hand.

Now Aurora’s only friends are groupies of the undead and the only boy she can think about may very well be a vampire. And if he’s a vampire, will she be forced to kill him?”

Firstly I’d like to thank the author for sending me an ARC to read and give an honest review.  This is the first book in her new series and after really enjoying Entangled (review here) by the same author, I couldn’t wait to get reading!  It has been labelled as being suitable for ages 18+ and I’m assuming this is because it’s quite a sexually charged story, particularly during the first half of the story.

The blurb indicated that this vampire story had a very different twist to others that I’ve read, I loved the idea that human blood could be a weapon against vampires.

It began with a brief introduction into Aurora’s school life, it didn’t seem like she was very happy and she continuously dreamt of going to college.  It wasn’t long before the action started with a car accident that was set to change Aurora forever, it was at this point that her life began to spiral out of control.  The moment she wrote her New Years resolutions I just knew she was going to go a little wild!

Aurora’s vampire hunter initiation was intense and really got my heart pounding, it seemed to change her – she became harder and more outspoken.  There were a few moments of laughter for me especially when Aurora got drunk for the first time and experienced her first kiss.

All of the characters were interesting, there were lots of hot males involved (they’re kind of essential in vampire books I think) and my favourite of these were Fane and Dante – Fane was dark and sexy, Dante was cute and cheeky, I look forward to seeing more of them in the future.

There was a mysterious and dangerous feeling to the story, the writing style was good and flowed easily which meant that I was turning page after page to find out what would happen next.  I didn’t want the book to end so when it did (after just a few hours I might add) I was very disappointed, I can’t wait to see where the story takes me in the next instalment.

This was a fantastic read with the perfect mix of vampires, teenage angst, sex and danger.

Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter can be purchase from Amazon UK (for just 77p!) or Amazon US.

To find out more about Nikki Jefford visit her blog here.


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